Poem: Grey walls – A night in a police station

[trigger warning – mentioning of police violence]

Grey walls – A night in a police station

I‘m waiting.
Waiting till this is over.
I‘ve heard what you do.
Waiting till this is over.
I‘ve heard that you make people scream.
Am I going to be the next one?
I‘ve heard you‘ve broken bones.

My blood rushes around,
but there is no where to go.
My blood rushes around,
but there are only grey walls and numb noise.

I‘m moving in circles,
my body is here with me.
I‘m singing in circles,
my memories are here with me.

I‘m waiting.
Waiting till this is over.
I‘ve heard what you do.
Waiting till this is over.
I‘ve heard that you make people scream.
I‘ve heard you‘ve broken bones.
I‘m waiting

The wating is over!
Pain – floods my entire body!
Eight on one!
Pain – cuts through everything that has ever been.
My blood rushes around.
I‘ve heard you‘ve broken bones.
Nowhere to go – there is only pain.
Waiting till all is over.

I‘m waiting.
Waiting till this is over.
I‘ve heard what you do.
Waiting till this is over.
I‘ve heard that you make people scream.
I‘ve heard you‘ve broken bones.
I‘m waiting

I‘m moving in cirlcs,
my body is here with me.
I‘m singing in circles ,
everything changed.
I‘m waiting.

The waiting is over.
I‘m here and we meet.
You, me and everything that is.
Our bodys are here together.
We are singing in circles,
our songs are here with me.
All for one.
We are here for each other.

— one of us

UPIII First letters arrive after 3 months


UPIII presently requesting material on botany, organic gardening and permaculture.

This is 3 months now that our comrade UPIII has been locked up and only now after 3 months did 6 of her letters arrive together after being witheld altogether for over 2 months. (the letters will be published daily for next 6 months) Her mail however continues to be severely delayed and intentionally disrupted by upon reception at prison (1 week) being forwarded to a judge in Kerpen for another week for approval, then sent to persecution in Aachen(taking another week) also for approval and only then send back to the prison, where ,yes, it undergoes last final approval taking additional couple of days, with additionally translation taking at least a week at the beginning of this convoluted journey/isolation tactic. Turning a written contact and response period to over 2 months. This has an extreme effect of psychological isolation and detriment as in German jails there is no access to phones on the “inside”, except for occasionally being able to call a lawyer to request a visit. Details of the case and even defense are forbidden from being discussed in supervised and monitored visits or in correspondence making proving ones innocence and/or preparing for trial especially difficult. This is also hard psychologically for Hambi prisoners as most other surrounding prisoners are not subjected to this draconian “mail control” get their mail from the outside in matter of days. If that was not enough with so many hands that the UPIII letters and literature pass through more and more often zines and pamphlets especially dealing with prison issues and struggles and other political issues have been dissapeared as if prisoners being aware of prison issues was the biggest risk to the institution(a compliement in itself). No receipts are given, and this literature is not given to prisoners upon their release so in effect it is stolen and destroyed.  Censhorship come rather easy to those in power, especially power based on violence and injustice.

UPIII has not only been subjected and affected by this for 3 months now but after feeling upbeat and being in good spirits for most of that time now has begun to feel down and depressed recently. It would be hard not to, especially witnessing her imprisoned comrades become deeply depressed and even feeling suicidal with the prison staff responding to those situations by throwing them into the “hole”: a bunker like punishment cell, as opposed to the previous response to this same situation being putting those same prisoners suffering from the effects of their isolation and frequent injustice in medical solitary cells and just annoying them by waking them up at night every 15 minutes to see if they are alive. Now even before the attempted passage of new more repressive police laws anybody that does not respond with ear to ear smile after months of detention awaiting a court-case and chance to speak in their defense can expect to be stripped of their already very limited comfort possessions like writing implements, paper, maybe a book or magazine and everything else that was sent to them like postcards, letters and photos and thrown into a cell previously used for rioting, fighting and scandalously vandalizing inmates. So if at that point they did not really feel like killing themselves perhaps they will afterwards. Underlining that imprisonment, repression and injustice especially when combined while being isolated from outside can affect many prisoners for years to come. It can also be an eye opener on how repressive the present climate disrupting RWE supporting regime of North Rhine Westphalia is while it is striving to become even more so with the passage of the new anti-protest and anti direct action laws. Hambi prisoner’s legal help which has the tendency to be either best in the world or of being dismal apologists for the regime often reminds prisoners that many of the realities of both the prison and justice system are still hold overs from the Fascist Regime. German court systems are also the only courts in Europe (with only perhaps a distant parallel of Czech courts that use “Erection Tests” to check homosexuality of refugees who claimed to have their lives at risk for their sexual orientation in their homelands) which are using age test that do not comprise equally pseudo scientific, bone development x-rays used in other european countries, but instead photograph the pubic areas of young refugees or activists for court records to determine if the prisoner or refugee is of a “legal” age. Not only is this method continue to be used on Anonymous ecological activists but even like other less intrusive and less sexually and psychologically abusive methods it is also completely pseudo-scientific and not conclusive with rates of miss “diagnosis” being as high as 40-50%. The German “Age Test” can be therefore seen for what it trully is just another tool of sexualized psychological repression.

During the last week what is now weekly visit by supporters and friends of UPIII, photos were brought from prison solidarity actions. They were prevented from being given to UPIII by maintaining that with their slogans they were in effect “letters”. Now at the following visits the same photos were brought back with digitally removed slogans being replaced by flowers. The jail staff still refused to allow the photos to be given at visit(photos and inspected clothing are one of the “allowed” to bring at visits items). In a way the cops were right the photos were a “letter”, a “letter” conveying solidarity and support, a message of not being alone, speaking volumes.  However those photos were only letters in a symbolic and metaphorical sense which is just the opposite of the principles on which law claims to operate. This is however how repression operates: Prisoner is constantly brought down if not yet physically than psychological and wheb depression sets in punished additionally in a viscious circle, affecting many for years and institutionalizing many more. For as long as this continues write letters(the actual and symbolic ones) to UPIII and others. Keep record of when you sent the letter, make sure that you put the date on letters and postcards as well, as the postmark is not often readable and write in mail and keep a copy of what the content of the correspondence is.

UPIII was promised a pre-trial court appearance and trial with a release by her lawyer who unfortunately is a court assigned defense as our other legal defense was overwhelmed by their other cases when UPIII was arrested. Needless to say it appears as if there will be no court case till at least next month. The repression and imprisonment that UPIII, others now and in the future are going through s not going to stop by itself. As ecosystems, communities and Climate collapse only heightened level of repression becomes the standard response from those in power. Do or Die! Becomes even more of a call and achieves even more depth as this time it is not just us but the whole planet that is attacked and decimated. The Planet and its ecosystems under attack for which protection UPIII is being unjustly imprisoned and for which she has been receiving such treatment. The same Planet and ecosystems as those attacking and repressing us are destroying and putting in unparalleled danger for countless species, organisms and future generations. For that to continue the opposition has to be, once again, locked up and eliminated by the contorted logic of arrogance, egoism and repression(AKA Capitalism).

No Cops on a Dead Planet!



Last Sunday a 50th Forest Walk

This Sunday a special forest walk took place in that it was a 50th walk which over 5 years has brought over 5000 people from all around the world to Hambi .  It has bridged the gap between forest activists and supporters, a gap that both coal industry/media interests and authorities are interested in widening through fear and lack of understanding.  This is done by ignoring some of the crucial reasons that are the foundation of Hambach Forest Struggles. Reasons which Michael together with Eva has shared with all those coming to the forest.  Their history of the occupation and the struggle has always been complimented with updates on present situation on energy issues, politics and resistance and the disastrous effect of coal mining on global climate.  For all of that incredible work and support and grass-roots publicity a hearty Thank You goes out from the forest to both Eva and Michael for their never ending energy and solidarity with the forest struggle.


This walk was also unique in that it took place in the almost completely abandoned now town of Mannheim where demolition of house has recently begun. It was important for both visitors and forest activists to be there as a reminder that the scope of the struggle in and for Hambacher forest is also a regional, social and global issue.  The center of this now ghost town for almost 2 hours was full of life with literature tables, an impromptu concert surrounded by signs, flags followed by discussion and several speakers discussing issues relating to the ongoing Bund Struggle against RWE, to the heavily industry influenced Coal Commission.

History of Mannheim itself  was one of the topics. It also included heavy exploitation and logging of part of the forest under National Socialism with heavy use of forced laborers brought from the occupied parts of Europe.  Natzi Forced Labor, to this day refered in germany as slave labor, was paradoxically also fuel for the resistance as tens of thousands of resistors escaped into their surrounding forests to avoid it forming and adding to the guerrila and partisan units.  This is the spirit that still persists in Hambacher Forest with many escaping to the last remaining portion of the forest to be excluded from present day more covert and normalized methods of exploitation and abuse.

The walk went through the town to the fenced off areas where bulldozers have begun their work to remove all traces of Manheim. Then going outside of the town towards the eastern part of the Hambacher Forest.  On a way stop was made at the BUND meadow where North Rhine Westphalia Chapter of German Friends of the Earth is also resisting RWE expropriation of land, ecosystem and resources by having purchased a farm-field which is now located less than a kilometer from edge of the mine.

Walking into the forest was a nice respite from the continuing record breaking temperatures(once again suprise, suprise and “thanks” RWE).  The eastern part of the forest in places  1-2 km wide is full of 200-300 year old oaks, beeches and pines.  Its diversity  is a true reflection of its presence here for last 12 thousands years as most forest in Europe are now monocultures and or highly maintained forest with mostly pines or very low diversity.

The walk split up into several groups after reaching the former A4 which at that end still has not been stripped of its surface.  It was not just an anniversary but also a great way for many groups, individuals and organizations involved in the struggle to come together. So mark your calendar now: next walks is a month from now or just stop by and drop in at any time for a visit to the Meadow and The Forest and most of the time somebody from the Welcome Working Group will be happy to show you around.

See you in the forest!!

UPIII case a call for Climate Justice and Resistance to Specism

As profit is put above stable and livable planet not just for humans prisoners who resist are never forgotten!


Hambi, Climate Justice and Animal Rights prisoners continue to remain political prisoners  stripped of their freedom and abused to protect the largest CO2 polluter in Europe RWE and other ecologically destructive interest like it.  And for as long this destructive corporation and the politicians, judges and police continue not just to shield RWE but also themselves from the consequence of their actions: for over 8 million premature deaths worldwide from particulates, and millions more dying, and being displaced and affected by global chaos destroying the possibility of stable climate reality for all to come. For as long as this continues while lone individuals such as UPIII continue to be the object of large repressive apparatus employing thousands when need to transition and spark and support more innovation for alternative and decentralized energy sources, to decarbonize and degrowth is so urgent, for as long as this shit goes on it is up to all of us not just to support brave activists such as UPIII and countless others around the world but also to communicate to the arrogant, fat-cats(no insult to actual cats after all All Cats Are Beautiful)that they can attempt to push the planet towards disaster not just on their own and expect very little support from those who are aware of this dynamic but that many others will step into UPIII place, support her and others, and do all possible to resist planetary climate suicide and ecocide so the future generations and disappearing species will never have to whisper into our ears: “…..What have you done?……”





The Oak Processionary

The Oak Processionary

In the Hambach forest, as in many forests in central Europe, nests of the oak processionary have been found. On the 3rd and 4th of June of this year,
the city of cologne had to discuss this matter. For the last four to five years it has been known that this type of caterpillar is in the area around cologne.

The oak processionary is a moth that lays its eggs in the early autumn. It prefers the tree tops for laying eggs. The caterpillars hatch between
the beginning of April and the beginning of May. They have 6 instars, or phases between which they pupate multiple times. Beginning with the third instar they become covered in toxic bristles. The last pupation happens around the end of June. The oak processionary is commonly found on oaks, in the beginning mostly in the tree tops but during later phases also moves further down the tree. They eat mostly during the night and move around in up to 10 meter long processions which consist of a couple dozen caterpillar. The processions move from branch to branch or to a neighboring tree. During the day, they are mostly found in their nests. The moth has a couple of natural predators but the caterpillar has few due to the toxic bristles. If a human comes into contact with these bristle, there is a health risk as pseudo allergic reactions on the skin or or the respiratory system can occur. Sometimes even dizziness. Fever and tiredness. There is no medication or antidote to the toxin in the bristles but we have had good experience with anti-itch creams.

A survey has been done, mostly in and around the tree house villages. Red and white tape marks affected oaks. If a tree is affected is easily
observed, as the nest (white, shimmery webs) are easy to spot. The effort of removing nest with all means available for us has begun.

We are still happy about visitors and newcomers but we’d like to inform you about the situation, so everyone can form an informed opinion and gauge the risks.

Tips for handling the oak processionary might include:
* DO NOT TOUCH! (nest, webs, caterpillars, cocoon)
* do not burn, stir up or poke (bristles everywhere)
* don’t walk barefoot (or if done, be cautious during the night -> processions
* be careful with skin contact with oaks
* don’t leave textiles in the open -> put in plastic bags (during procession though a tree house they leave bristles on textiles)
* be extremely cautious with infants and animals (like dogs)
* search oaks before climbing up
* after heavy rain, search the tree house for signs of the caterpillars (they seek shelter)
* if a nest is found, speak to people in the forest, who have experience with handling and removing nests
* upon experiencing pain, one can go to a doctor (contact details on request)

With this problem, as it is always the case, external help is welcome and helpful.  As it is the goal to clear all tree house villages of nests and
caterpillars, we need specialized equipment and if any skin contact has happen, we need medication.

Therefore, we are happy about getting the following items
* ABC suits, gloves etc
* Tape
* sealable plastic bins
* vegetable oil
* Fenistil, Cortisone, Calendula cream, herbal remedies against itching

If you know people (i.e. from tree care services) who have experience in removing nests and who want to help us, call us or write an email. (hambacherforst{at}riseup.net or 0049 (0)178 163 7325

Soli Fotos for UPIII

This weekend a solidarity foto action for UPIII took place with all the photos below being the result. THANKS EVERYBODY!!

ONE IS TOO MANY!! And when climate, forest and animal rights activists continue to be repressed and locked up and the concept of justice twisted and defaced. Direct action, grass roots and horizontalist action become the last line of defense against climate collapse and deforestation having exhausted all other possibilities. Those detained for those just causes remain our silent heros. more…

Info Events in South Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Dates for the hext two weeks

Climate camp Vienna

Mai 30 – June 2


June 4 in the react!OR
Frühlingsstraße 17, 87439 Kempten (Bavaria)

Bremgarten near Zürich

7.6 in the KuZeB, 8 pm
Zürcherstrasse 2, 5620 Bremgarten, Switzerland


June 8, Infoladen Bern, 8 pm
Neubrückstrasse 8, 3001 Bern, Schweiz


June 9, Liz, 8 pm
Glümerstraße 2, 79102 Freiburg im Breisgau

Saturday 2.6 Photo Solidarity Action for UPIII!

Isolation of UPIII continues with the strange precedent of persecutor and the Public Relations Press person for Political and Organized Crimes for North Rhine Westphalia, not the judge being in charge of approving her visits and consequently greatly delaying or denying large portions of them. Being younger, almost certainly the first time being in prison, she is also exposed to the draconian practice of German Legal Establishment of forcing young refugees and environmental activists who remain anonymous to take part in a pseudo scientific and sexually abusive age test. To determine whether they are of legal age, with this being done even despite of evidence being provided that states the age of the prisoner. Showing that the “age test” is being used as an instrument of punishment, repression and domination. more…

Destruction of towns and villages for Garzweiler Mine Continues

Immerath, Kuckum, Keyenberg, Lutzerath are in the process of being destroyed by RWE and joining a list of over 24 villages and towns erased as if they never existed just for the Gartzweiler mine with over 50 more having been demolished in the region.  The local villagers are not consulted or included on any of the resettlement committees that are constantly filled by the outsiders, their schools are not rebuild in the new locations forcing the parents to transport their children to neighboring towns. more…

SUNDAY 5.27 19:00 Solidarity Prison Demo for UPIII

Support UP III who is now after 68 days of detention without trial and conviction, after having support mail from outside not delivered for two month, after having visits subjected to strict approval process with many being denied, after going through all of this crap that is regularly faced exclusively by non-german speaking forest activists (strong overtones of legal and State xenophobia and nationalism) is now facing an “Age Test” declared by German Medical Association as having no medical merit and as being unethical.  This Pseudo-Scientific “test” with inescapable overtones of sexual perversion constitutes forcing the prisoner to not only strip naked but to also have photos of their sexual development taken by a “medical professional” who then submits them as part of the court records.

Most of us arrested for protecting and defending millenarian Hambach Forest from RWE climate killing lignite have been subjected to being strip searched by having to take all of our clothes in front of at least 3 cops.  This has become a time when not only inappropriate jokes, sexist comments and commentary has taken place but also during the Bonner Strasse Protests in city of Cologne when two prisoners were also physically assaulted at that vulnerable time. more…