Klima Camp in Rhineland: Reportback and Schedule

Its that time of year again! Yeah its the 9th Klima Camp in Rhineland with peeps from around the world coming to a field outside of Erkelenz and next to Garzweiler Mine to address, protest, inspire, connect and resist RWE’s Climate Chaos Coal Regime.

With this year focus on connecting with local and global front-line communities and not mass actions, that will instead take place during Ende Geleande presence in Hambi in October, the camp is smaller this year due also to decentralized climate Camps and struggles taking place all across Europe this year. Regardless, like during all previous years the cops massed up around the Hambi and were 24hr/day patrolling and guarding coal rail bridges and tracks and attempting to intimidate by their presence those visiting, by parking on the sidewalks from the Buir train-station, no regular controls were done so this was both more of a usual attempt to stress, intimidate and divide activists between the 2 locations and increase the siege mentality of those already expecting the oncoming eviction. It did not affect people continuing to visit the forest bringing food, supplies and literature.

The interconnectivity and presence also extends to activists from and representing anti-extractionist struggles in Greece, Colombia, Siberia and Turtle Island aka USA(United Snakes of America) who made presentations, called out for support and took part in discussions.

Ongoing intensive 3 day workshops and breakaway groups took place by:
Structures for Change, Deep Ecology Inner Struggle, Sugar in the Tank.

Addressed issues included not having members of front line struggles marginalized by more hierarchical, academic, and urban parts of the movement while at the same time acknowledging the later as being integral part of front-line resistance for as long as it does not adopt the State’s propaganda-based narrative of “Violence”. This is also something(yes again!) that Cops and Coal Unions those engaged in maintaing, defending and continuing RWE largest Coal based emissions in Europe pushing the world pass numerous point of run away climate change, also tried to address.
By having info tables in surrounding towns portraying Klima Camp as affiliated with “violence” of Hambacher Forst while continuing to kill the planet with their Lignite Capitalism reinforced by repression. The force of Solidarity, Scale of Climate Justice movement and psychological well being of activists is what the forces of repression were and are after.

Resistant Solidarity
Paths to Utopia:beyond FossilFuels
Food & Petrochemical Complex
“Violence” Narrative
Community WiFi
Public vs Car
Prisoner Writting
Tips for Detention
“Generation Stop Murder”

Most of the workshop and presentation times go up on the daily board the day before so for more updates on those two days please check #klimacamp, website and here for updates.

Bicycle Tour: History of Anti-Coal Resistance in the region.
Nuclear Power Phase-Out?
Radical Therapy, Inn-depth workshop by a activist well-being collective
Gas: Not a Transition nor  “The least Polluting Fossil Fuel”
Choir Anderen Seiten (Another Page)
Political Poetry Cabaret

3:00 Coffee and Cake with Local
6:00 Closing Discussion
8:00 Brand 3, Documentary of Coal mining Resistance


“Ignorant and Arrogant” Pro-Coal Verdi and ICBCE talks to Activists

ICBCE and Verdi are two large unions “representing” German coal and power plant workers that continue to support and be responsible for coal extraction deepening the scope of the climate crisis. With Climate Change denying being less wide-spread in Europe than in US their response instead is to accuse people raising the issue of being “ignorant and arrogant”. This occured at the first meeting of those Unions and Climate Activists that just took place at Climate Camp in Rhineland. Being “arrogant and ignorant” is a description that fits very well to the responses of Big Unions to people at the discussion panel that included several residents of Immerath and other towns being demolished for RWE  as well as activist from Ausgecohlt and other participant. Below is a transcript of the discussion that constantly bordered on being ridiculous and that is symbolic of both ICBCE and Verdi representing interests not of communities and even their own members but interest of large corporations like RWE.  Constant false narrative of “affordable energy”, coal energy is now more expensive than wind or solar but only continues by removal of subsidies for the later in favor of the former. Weird argument of unreliability of solar and wind were made as if a reliability of the evidence for melting arctic,rising water level, heat waves and cataclysmic forest fires and global instability as if all of that was a better option instead.
Realy disturbing post-colonialist arguments of privilege and exploitation were used.

The Union members approached the Climate camp before the meeting and stood outside for awhile outside of the entrance repeatedly saying “Braun Kohle” (Lignite) out loud and laughing. Their short haircuts and attire begged for analogies to the large corrupt unions in US that for years have been rumored to have been infiltrated and controlled by the Mob. Making dirty deals with employers and while collecting the dues from the workers only keeping them quiet and blocking them from striking even resorting to violence to do so. That is also why the “arrogant and ignorant” approach rings true on another level as it reflects the State police violence approach of also ignoring the climate crisis and to protect toxic RWE profits attacking, injuring and imprisoning Hambacher Forest Activists that protest and block this global disaster profit madness.

[Different paragraphs are different speakers]

First Question: How do you see Rhineland Region as being five years from now?

A female bodied person from the demolished by RWE village:

Focus on Alternative energy, town from which I am is already all gone(Loud Applause)

Manfred Maresch of ICBCE(all other really long statements are his also)

Not much change, knowing this is unpopular, the world with consensus[unpopular consensus?] in role of lignite to generate power withing European structures. Need to invest less in storage for energy and not invest in renewable while we do not know how to store it. We still have mining jobs. And storing energy from renewable problem really needing to be solved[this is a totally invented delegitimization of renewables  as India puts up the largest solar plants in the world presently, generating bogus problems also keeps people from talking about the real problem: the climate]. By 2040 we should start getting out of traditional energy with Germany still having a role(loud maniacal applause on part of all the labor unionist)
I am not finished yet, Germany still has an important role to play (another maniacal circle of like for order applause.[A nationalist and fear element being obvious here while ironically removing green energy subsidies and extending them to coal has cost Germany more jobs than in all of coal mining and its status as a green capitalist industries central as there is exodus of solar and wind employers to china and india – in other words create a false problem and then use it to enforce globalization]

Displaced Person:
Hambacher Forest should still be around, with many possibilities of decentralized energy storage.
You can see how structural change can happen very quickly as in transition from horse power to cars. Decisions are being made by Coal Commission. People could be happy that they have contributed to structural change.

What is the process of relocation is giving up your home involuntarily is nothing one wants to do if I go somewhere I chose to do so but here that choice is not mine. My father did not have that choice and he died last year and part of it could have been the stress of resettlement.

Another Displaced person:

I have told my father there is a new place for us. He said “I do not want to see it!” and 4 weeks later he died. The Police is working with the RWE coal mining interest but we are not being cared for.

Climate Activist Posing another question:

There is lots of harvest loss due to Climate Change and how could coal phase out could interact with the fact that people are losing their livelihoods even now?

That is difficult to answer as long as responsibility is put on the shoulder of my collegues it is not their fault(maniac applause) This is accordance with the laws of this country and the politicians are rightfully elected and they have made a decission that this is legal. Members of Verdi and ICBCE being responsible is absurd, we do not deny that it takes place. One of my collegues said I should not answer that question as it is a provocation(only a single maniac clapping, probably fro the mentioned collegue)
Germany lives of Economic Growth it produces lots of resources and lots of pollution and this is the country we live in. We have lots of our wealth at the cost of other people.(Maniac Clapping WTF?) We use lots of resources and that is on the Global level. I am completely relaxed about that as it is not for the people here to like what I do. But the 2-3 percent of world emissions that Germany is responsible for is not all because of lignite. We do not feel that we do not protect climate. We can not just focus on it as we focus on affordable energy. Our jobs are giving jobs in many, many fields. If you pretend that work of my colleagues is irresponsible you are IGNORANT AND ARROGANT person[holding a narcissistic mirror in front of face?]. Do not mistake me I value you being here. If you want to be non-violent you need to talk with us. KohleKomission is on growth and structural change. Our Collegues deserve to be respected as they earned that respect. (Even Louder Maniacal Applause)

Displaced Mother:

What to say to coal workers when their jobs are lost due to coal exit. We need to be responsible not only to people here but to those in the global south as we live off of their backs. RWE responsibility is to watch after their own workers, we need retraining for the workers and work on clean up of the mine sites. Those who loose their jobs need to be reimbursed by the company. We also focus on renewable as lignite is putting a break on these possibilities. People that work in energy intensive industries can not go on like this so we need to look at which ones we can keep and perhaps some we can as we need to look at efficiency and impossibility of unlimited grown. Poverty of many in Global South is our doing and we have responsibility to them and need to question our way of life(Applause from whole audience sans unionists)

“Ignorant and Arrogant” Manfred Maresch:

What can we learn, we had successful restructuring change in phasing out black coal. [Laughter in the audience]. It was not an easy process but it was largely successful. We are also phasing out nuclear plants. Regions that are loosing taxes from the plants that have helped them survive, they also have problems getting personnel to take care of the plants. As demolishing them can not be done easily and people are no longer studying these fields. The same will happen in Coal mining.

Gas Sequestering is promising if we want to reach our climate goals, we need to do this if we want to sustain life on planet and that only works if we connect different sectors. Power to Gas as storage method of renewables is one option, or storing heat.[False non-tried solutions galore] Of course we just do now want electricity when sun is out. We need new tech, educating new people. There will be most likely a big lake here.[Lake that will fill in the huge coal opencast mines after they are closed, ones in other coal mining regions are so toxic that not only harbor no life but it is not possible to swim in them without skin ailment.] Largest then the biggest lakes we have in Germany now, so we will have tourist jobs, real estate jobs. We need to learn from mistake that have been made.

What could structural change look like?[not climate chaos break down of course] breaking into groups and talking to each other .

Now a discussion part is taking place. Forum Open.

First question from an activist: The question of renewable from the left perspective is really low. So the coal commission will invest a billion that they did not have to support coal. System Change needed and to structures of worker. We as left climate movement that is opposed to exploitation if we could get in touch with left unions and together with workers for just energy transition.

I am really disappointed last year we had a workshop in degrowth. Now I feel like your non answers to climate justice I would think that we are further along. Reducing lignite has to do with alternatives and not storage. The soil is being lost. Insinuated disrespect to workers did not carry over to jobs lost in the solar capacity. People move from their homes with the bodies of their ancestors being dug up from cemeteries. Germany is setting example to others that they are using not to de-carbonize.

Removed person:
You can not always point people at others like China we need to see how we deal with this. Many say that we are against RWE workers but here the workers[many big unionists are bureaucrats and functionaries and no longer work as miners either] are protecting their company that treats them horribly. My maternity was reduced I had to take care of myself and my child. I did it myself and I recommend it to everybody. Laud Applause

I worked in chemical industry 10 years ago and I understand insecurity of loosing the jobs. The literature of climate justice struggle focuses on issues for better common future.

Solar and Wind industry has been decimated how is it possible to empathize with this corporation so much. One thing about Coal Commission has been introduced as we are not meeting our agreed to climate goals. That is why we need to do something. We need to get in this discussion, right now. Applause

IGBCE should be responsible for workers well being not for climate goals, protecting the worker. When will the union reeducate the workers that might loose their jobs.

I can understand that workers are going late into retirement, so they are afraid to loose their jobs like many others. Restructuring could be risky, what will I do in the last 20 30 years of my life. The coal commission is to set framework for change . While in solar industry 50 lost their jobs so there is no framework for alternatives that is so insecure.

I felt like many were trying to make me into the bad one. I identify as a miner. When I think of mines closing I feel like crying. If you have no sympathy you do not understand how this works. We identify with the company for many reasons, we have many conflicts with the company doing what we do not enjoy but we back it up. In solar industry there is not union protections like we have with most unionized.


The cities of Yulich and Aachen are very deeply vested in the coal industry and with renewable they can find new solutions. As a farmer like miners I am connected to my identity. I feel connection to the soil and I see the fields overgrown. I believe if that is not the case we can meet the people needs for food.[Applause]

If you loose your jobs how do you think that compares to our loosing our whole homes and our whole lives and being resettled. Look to the future as something new and now worse. Clapping

As the climate justice movement we learn its hard to mobilize if you frame it as needing to do something, we create perspectives for people, develop creative possibility. Would it not be more rewarding to fight for something instead of holding on to something which time has come, being part of the transformation might be hard as coal phase out should come sooner. I invite to transform your sadness(hiena like laughter from the unionist) and transform it into positive and just options. Laud applause.

Plants and industry is clossing as there is not communal and social dynamic.

People involved in Conflict the miners identity, I could cry feeling how connected one is to it. Needig to separate from it but keeping the memories alive. In RWE we need people to come up with ideas how people can separate from it. I need to think of myself as an electrician not as a miner. How is the security of RWE miners are being met? I currently have very secure job place but I do not know what I will do in the future, without a chance with my employer. I want people to have ideas where they can find a job.

I was here first time 1 year ago and also was for the first time in Hambi then. You say that you identify as miner and yet you too are part of nature and part of laws of nature. When that is being changed and violated we need to change ourselves. The Groundwater in Hambacher Forest is gone, the time is running out. I started project on social media about EndGame as we live on finite planet and we need to have our lives on it. (Laughter from Unionists) Clapping from audience.

Why is workers union fighting for centralized power structure we need decentralization in wind in solar and the company will not do that as other actors take over this scene abroad. So we will have fever jobs then ever. (Unionist whispering jokes to each other years.)

I work on renewables and at one time 4 percent of power generation was once seen as not possible. Now with companies splitting and coming back together. Obviously people working on large equipment look unfavorably on recultivation as a matter of convenience but underestimating alternatives.

This discussion has to continue and i want us to develop vision for Rhineland that is a common vision.

We can not allways influence of transition with our colegues jumping in and correcting what this corporation is doing. I am suprised too sometimes what it is doing. We need to develop a common vision what life is like. Get climate protection, get structural changes, I say we will stick to lignite to 2045 to 2050. Otherwise give the answers how to provide affordable energy.

Livelihoods have been destroyed in resettled towns where people do not rebuild their identity, I do not want to be uprooted and dig out my own father after he just has died and I want to keep seeing the church steeple from out of my bath.

Structural change is not easy I would like to do it and am afraid the direction in which this world is going, I am a person affected by coal mining. I would like a hobby not being dominated by having to resettle. Coal phase out would possibly make me not see my house being destroyed. Loud Clapping (Conspiratorial whispers among Verdis and ICBCE).

The power in the circus tent has been charged by bikes on salvaged from submarines batteries. Thanks you to people translating.

We identify the same topic but have different ideas about them. Security of workplace vs security of home. Affordability of not paying for company’s mistakes but also not paying for the effect of climate change. Respect is needed in this. 2 years ago it was not possible to have this discussion together at all(First time since the beginning of the meeting that everybody is clapping together and not doing clapping boycott of their opponents – so the fact that people are sitting in one place together for over 1 hour is the only topic that was agreed on)

The above describes how indifferent, corrupt and pro profit large scale capitalist unions are. By their own nature they are incapable of concern for any social or ecological or work place issues. Causing a response of radical, left and syndicalist unions forming A Climate Action Alliance distributing fliers with texts such as “RWE Climat Killer, Out of Lignite!”[Anarchist Clapping]

Get ready to prevent evictions!


We currently assume that between 08-22 and 09-22, there will be large evictions in the forest, including an eviction of the occupations. This assumption is underpinned by information that we have been given that specifically targets this period.

What makes us so sure?

During the past few weeks, there have been repeatedly police operations involving climbing police, as well as factory fire brigades and other RWE personnel. Coordinates were collected, tree houses photographed and mapped, and as much information on the tree houses as possible. Therefore, we can assume that police and RWE are gaining an overview of the situation in order to be able to evacuate in the short term.

Past police operations:
Monday, July 30th: Fototour der Polizei im Forst (German only)
Monday, August 6th and Thursday, August 9th: Polizei im Wald (German only)

We need you now! Time is running against us right now and we still have much to prepare for preventing eviction. Prepare yourselves, best get into the forest as soon as possible and speak with your affinity group, if you have one. Whether you want to put up evictions directly in the way or you prefer to participate in a way that does not put you in danger, everyone can help in their own way. You can support us anyway, no matter if you can be here only for a few hours, a couple of days or the entire felling season.

Whether peaceful or militant, the resistance is what counts!

Read also about the question: What to do on Day X?

UPIII 9 months Sentence at Peak of Climate Crisis

‘9 months without parole for UPIII arrested in the Hambach Forest 4 months ago, 9 months sentence for another climate activist resisting fossil fuels as the fire storms break out across the world displacing hundreds of thousands and killing hundreds, 9 months of injustice as now a global heatwave kills thousands more, breaking one all-time temperature record after another. As the largest global emergency ever seen by humanity worsens the local courts in the coal mining region of North Rhine Westphalia, with a long list of politicians openly paid by Coal, are being empolyed to not only normalize and protect the destructive and toxic RWE lignite but are also shamelesly and openly admiting to being tools of political and enviromental repression. Escalating climate crisis repression despite their official agreements during the Climate Summits, the most recent one right here in Bonn, of the necessity of action, offering, now retracted, pledges to decarbonize while instead attacking and imprisoning climate activists such as UPIII for almost a year. Imprisoning those who resist not based on clear evidence but as admitted openly at trial by judge to dissuade and intimidate others not to be active, not to protest and not to blockade and not to engage in direct action against the root of the present Climate Crisis: the ongoing Coal CO2 emissions, with RWE’s being the largest single source in Europe. By taking this course of action the prosecutor Dr. Jost Schützeberg and Judge Königsfeld have joined a growing list of politicians in the region who can be pointed to the future generation as being responsible for climate chaos reality of drought and injustice, of fires and rising water levels and rising waves of repression and normalization of state violence. By engaging in this level of cynism and injustice described below this sentence functions as another call to action to citizens, activists and radicals to resist and block the fossil fuels tyrany of break down, break down of the most elemental thing all us have known and depend on, together with all other species on Earth: the life supporting capacity of the Planet itself. It is up to all to resist, resist like UPIII on this or the other side of the walls and support each other and especially all comrades less privileged than ourselves who are not only in prisons but also fighting this struggle in the streets, barricades and forest of the Global South.

No Judges and Prisons on a Dead Planet!

System Change Not Climate Change!



Report from todays court proceedings:

After hearing a police witness (the hearing of two other officers who were prevented today was ), today, on the second day of the trial, the statements of public prosecutor Dr. Jost Schützeberg and defender Frank Hatlé followed. A report from the first day of the process can be found here: https://www.r-mediabase.eu/index.php?view=category&catid=1196&option=com_joomgallery&Itemid=519

In its ruling (9 months imprisonment without parole), the court followed the applications of the public prosecutor’s office. In describing the crime, Judge Königsfeld referred in particular to the first police witness who had made a very detailed statement about the incident, saying that although it was only partly possible to support her statements through the evidence videos, the witness had clarified her basic credibility with the accuracy of the statements with regard to things that can be proven by video. Therefore, almost all of their statements were accepted as facts.

The controversial accusation of a serious breach of the peace was thus presented as proven by videos (8-14 people were counted). In the reasoning of the verdict, there was talk of firecracker thrown by an unknown activist, which would have also partially hit. However, the witness had only talked about a branch being thrown. firecrackers would always have missed the mark.

At the time of the 4 Böller throws, which UPIII is said to have carried out, the officers already had their helmets on. After the second throw at the latest, the defendant should have realized that she would not hit. Nevertheless, she continued throwing and “wasted” material. This would lead to the conclusion that there may have been no intention of infringement after all. In so far as an acquittal in relation to “attempted grievous bodily harm.” However, through her presence she supported the first throwing activist physically and psychologically. Therefore, aid.

In the Pladoyer, defender Hatlé discussed in detail the (ignored last week) actual danger of the throws. Certified firecrackers are not capable to cause injuries or blast traumas. The mood of the officers during the mission (laughter) did not indicate any danger.

Why not a suspended sentence?

By violating §111 of the Administrative Offences Act (failure to provide personal details), the defendant had shown that she did not respect the German Code of Criminal Procedure (Attorney Hatlé stated in advance: “Nobody has to contribute to his own conviction.”). Therefore, a new offence of the person is to be expected in the future as well, which is why the person cannot be released on probation. Possible favourable facts (completed vocational training, years of social commitment, no previous convictions) were not evaluated. It was even more punitive that the accused was doing well due to frequent visits and numerous letters and further support in prison, which is why so far there could not be any talk of a real punishment suffered together with remorse. Before she started, she had been questioned about her conditions of detention. She had not mentioned the big problems (poor nutrition for her as a vegan, harassment by a female prison guards).

What is also interesting is the part that seemed more important than the actual criminal charge: the failure to provide personal details. Already on Sunday evening, public prosecutor Schützeberg had written an e-mail to Judge Königsfeld saying that the exact personal details of the accused were known. Defender Hatlé had not been informed what should have happened according to the Code of Criminal Procedure (in case of new facts relevant to the trial). This was sharply reprimanded by the defender. The defendant now confirmed her already known personal details and took a closer look at her person. The defender denied, however, that the previous non-statement may be penalized more severely. Another interesting possibility is that the investigating authorities may have been aware of the personal data since March 24. At that time there was a search request to the consulate of the country from which UPIII comes. It stated that the missing person was in a “forest near Aachen, in a group belonging to the left-wing extremist spectrum”, with precise personal details. If this information did not already lead to an identification at that time, the authorities may have worked more sloppily than they did with the NSU right wing terror cell trial recently after 7 years.

The public prosecutor hinted that “support for the Hambach forest occupation” could already be considered a criminal offence. After all, this would also cover the numerous crimes committed there. The defense attorney, however, estimated the seriousness of the crimes to be in the lower range; there could be no question of a seriousness in the medium to heavy range. Compared to the fireworks thrown on New Year’s Eve and the events that took place weekend after weekend in and around Bundesliga football stadiums, the long pre-trial detention was already absolutely inappropriate. The accusations are totally exaggerated and not proven, the accused is to be acquitted.

In the end, the judge considered his verdict as a cautionary example. He wished for a preventive effect, especially with regard to the coming cutting season. The defence has one week to appeal. The defendant remains in custody until the judgement becomes legally effective. (GF)





Please consult the reading request list as well as letters of UPIII on ABC Rhineland Blog and do write and send reading material.  Pamphlets, zines, magazines and xerox copies can be send, with books you can either print them out on individual sheets of paper if possible or cut the pages from the spine and send them in “installments”. Document and index everything that you send and include dates when you send it both for your records and in the correspondence,

UPIII first trial report from Tuesday 24.7


Before the trial unfolded those lining up in front of the court noticed that right next to the court was a traveling circus with its large tents and animals walking around in small enclosures. Apropriate in that UPIII was arrested during “Do or Die” Animal Rights Convergence at Hambi and doubly apropriate in some of the circus like proceedings that followed in the courtroom.

UPIII makes no statement in the process. It was admirable that she* presented herself in very good condition, smiled almost constantly and encouraged all supporters.

The arrest warrant is maintained after lengthy consultations with the prosecutor and defense attorney. Judge of 25 years at the court and also at the youth court in Kerpen describes defendants as stubborn.
A suspended sentence would be out of the question due to a lack of control over conditions. At the beginning of the trial, the judge positively pointed out that UPIII is committed to environmental protection, but in his opinion in the wrong way. So lack of “control conditions” seems to indicate continuing commitment to activism?
Judge also tries to appeal to UPIII emotionally by saying that he is sure that people would be happy to take her* in their arms.

Then there were corresponding testimonies that the alleged perpetrator threw firecrackers several times from a distance of approx. 20-25 metres in the direction of a group of police whose task it was to secure a hole in the ground.

All police forces had put their helmets on after they noticed the first firecracker which definitely hadn’t come from UPIII. The alleged perpetrator is said to have used a classic throwing technique with a sweeping movement over the shoulder.

According to the first witness, the trajectory was always too short due to a lack of throwing power for a threat to have occurred (witness: I cannot throw myself either).

According to another witness, who did not criticize the perpetrator’s throwing technique, the perpetrator missed the next policeman in one of her attempts only at a distance of about three meters (witness: Since I play handball myself, I know how to throw effectively).

All witnesses have also seen the alleged perpetrator after her arrest and removal of her face cover and are certain that the person arrested is identical to the accused in the courtroom.

A policewoman is convinced that she has not let the alleged firecracker thrower from one of her firecracker thrower out of sight, despite the fact that she described the situation in the forest and the arest happened at the train station over 2km away and some time later..

Why the other policemen* inside can assume that the arrested must have been also the thrower, is unfortunately not concretely questioned.

(Own note: It cannot be excluded at all that two similarly dressed persons of similar stature might have been in the undergrowth or that jackets and scarves were exchanged among themselves. Besides, it wasn’t really bright yet, the operation started in the darkness.

The firecracker thrower is only described as a person of stronger stature with olive-green trousers, black jacket and light scarf to cover up, which is described by the first witness without consultation as conspicuous clothing.
However, another witness also believes it could have been a dark blue jacket. Also the colour of the scarf cannot be clearly indicated as white or light grey.

Things of undetectable relevance are being discussed without a limit.
This would not be tragic if, on the other hand, after a total of more than four hours of witness hearings, police forces, without exception, had not completely ignored elementary things:

– Did the alleged perpetrator take a run-up with her projectile?
– How large was their radius of action?
– Did she move fluently with a group, did she sometimes set the direction herself?
– Were firecrackers deflected from trees?
– What were the visibility conditions?
– How did the alleged perpetrator behave after throwing? (e.g. recoiling, approaching, cheering, visible disappointment, targeted search for a better throwing position, increased or reduced aggressiveness, etc.)
– How bright was it early in the morning anyway?

None of this has been discussed.

And it could not even be determined whether UPIII made additional protest / drum noises, e.g. by means of pot lids, as several activists did this morning.

Witnesses essentially admit that they are unable to give any further details on the times and durations of the firecracker
While one officer believed that the arrest of UPIII was possible by forming a task force by his unit to make arrests when the opportunity arose, another officer later felt that it was crucial that his support imot could approach the perpetrator unnoticed from behind.

A special section deserves the interrogation of the witness of the evidence team (who made video recordings that day).

Components of his statement were that only phased photographs were taken (witness: you have to imagine it like this: I can press play and pause on the camera) and that the situation was difficult for him (witness: In a forest, you cannot get an overview when filming, e.g. in a clearing or in open terrain).
Therefore, he could not make any statements about the number of persons who were in the forest.
Before he was to film the situation in the forest regarding the firecracker litters, he was busy with filming the hole that was being filled, which was used by the underground fire brigade at the burrow, in order to inspect it again before backfilling.
Here the witness checked whether it would not have been more important to put this filming back in the sense of the threatened colleagues*. The witness referred to the instructions of the operations command, the defender asked about the personal experiences of the witness.

A dispute arose here, as the defence felt that the witness gave little informative answers. The judge tried to mediate by asking the witness whether he was entrusted with the task rather five times or rather fifty times. Then more like 50 times was the answer.
The judge wanted to know when it would have been the last time that he had operated the camera to preserve evidence. Witness’ answer: I can’t tell you that exactly. The frequency of camera teams being used being presently very low.

The defender wanted to know if there were any real-time data in the recordings. The witness replied that the commonly used VLC playback software would display time information that he believed was based on the time stamps that are also visible in the file folders.
(Own note: These time stamps are so easy to manipulate that they could not be considered conclusive in case of doubt.)

The witness also looked at the file folder on the notebook on the judge’s desk. Witness after a few seconds: At first glance, I can see that the file folder is not complete. The first file name usually has a “1” at the end.

It is also worth mentioning that the witness was contacted by phone by a judge before the trial. Thus, in his interrogation of some questions, the witness improperly referred to the statements he had made on this occasion.

There were no questions about the name of the judge and if and where there is a protocol. Also why the witness immediately afterwards felt induced to call his colleague (first witness) to discuss the events on March 19 was not questioned.

(Own note: Both reasons for the motivation and whether the calling judge would have recommended this procedure to the witness remain hidden from the public forever.)

Furthermore, the witness stated that, after receiving the summons to the trial, he had a conversation in a duty room with colleagues of the operation to clarify which person could be UPIII.
Witness: “We had agreed” that it must be the lady present here.
The defender repeated this statement with a raised forefinger and added that it is a prime example of a statement in criminal proceedings that completely shakes the credibility of a witness.
The defender pointed out to the witness that he was not an assistant student, but a police officer. This statement by the defender prompted neither the judge nor the public prosecutor to object.
Comparing a police officer with an assistant student therefore seems to be opportune for judges and prosecutors.
Since the witness was unable to provide any further information on the defender’s satisfaction in response to further questions from the defender, the judge felt compelled to make a statement and said that the witness does not or cannot make any better statements.

The witness was dismissed, although his recordings were still to be viewed (and thus would no longer have been available for possible inquiries.)

During the later viewing of the videos on the notebook on the judge’s desk (very difficult for the audience inside to see, since the view was covered) the judge stopped several times selected recordings to count the number of persons.
(Judge: Yesterday I came up to 14 people at this recording. But not all of them can be seen at once. Drumming noises could be heard using pots, for example.)

Conclusion: It is always best to form your own opinion.

Next opportunity: Tue., 31.07., 8.30 am Local Court Kerpen


UPIII Trial Tomorrow at 8:30 in Kerpen

The situation of Hambi Political Prisoners this year speaks volumes: As megatons of carbons continue to go into the atmosphere and coal lobbyists and CDU and SPD machine calls for massive “restructuring” subsidies to keep this failing and toxic industry going, the climate activists calling for change are experiencing unprecedented injustice and criminalization with Hambis having spend collecively a year and 2 months in prison in 2018.  Such twisting and perversion of already fucked profit oriented idea of capitalist justice showing it clear agenda is to intimidate and terrorize activists into passivity and inaction. The fact that not seasoned, young activists such as UPIII continue not to be deterred and are exposed to this level of state repression show even more that is up to the activists to affect change and how repression has the opposite from what is intended effect.

It also shows how the state of North Rhine Westphalia with its officially paid by RWE and other energy companies politicians, interior ministers and private security like police forces is responsible for not only continuing to damage and destroy the planet, climate, ecosystems and communities for countless generations to come but how it is escalating and taking advantage of this situation to instill even more repressive reality in which previous legal checks continue to be removed and those who stand up protest, block and resist continue to be criminalized, repressed and abused.

UPIII has now spent over 406 day in prison with no trial, mail and visits being severly interfered with for most of her stay. Isolated by a language barrier and exposed like many other young refugees and UPIII to sexually abusive and pseudo-scientific “age tests”, experiencing abuse and intimidation by prison guards directed at most of those who surround her in prison.  Regardless of all this bull-shit she has painted, drawn and written letters that have inspired many on the outside and received hundreds of letters from the outside. Letter and messages that the state tried so hard to isolate her from. Showing again but what the focus of supression is how crucial and important those seemingly simple and symbolic actions are.

And as the Coal Regimes continue to destroy the future and attack and try to deter the opposition let that in itself be the ultimate wake up and call for action for forming affinity groups, engaging in more actions remembering and knowing how unprecedented and complete the present state of global climate emergency is and how it is up to us activists and not up to fat-cats(no offense to the actuall cats – as we know All Cats Are Beautiful) in industry/power structure that are wrecking this world  as we have known it, to affect change and transformation.

Support UPIII tomorrow by showing in front of the Court Building in Kerpen bringing not just signs and transpies but also vegan food and snacks to share with each other and especially with UPIII if she is released and prepare to continue the struggle of standing against this year cuttings season in Hambacher Forest, continuing “business as usual” carbon emission.

Skillshares Camp 20-29 Sept

EndeGaleande Acions 25-29 Oct


Fuck RWE and its subsidary power structures!

Warm Solidarity Shout-Out from Klima Kamp in Emmetal to Hambi and UPIII

From the Second Swiss Climate Camp happening at Illuminox festival outside of Bern. Solidarity for both Hambacher Forest and UPIII on the frontline of resistance against global fossil fools climate chaos. One of over eight now annual large klimate convergences and mass actions taking place just across Europe comes multiplicity of issues from oil, nuclear, refugees so connected to climae break down, animal and feed industry, fracking and other disaster scenarios going hand in hand with false solutions of business as ussual profit based regimes.

The only change of not just affecting change and also creating a historical record of opposition and resistance, have become ongoing struggles like Hambi, Trebur Bleibt now under what seems like an arson attack with barricade and kitchen set fire resulting in a forest fire, like the moral victory of ZAD justifying further repression and state violence action. Much like the largest, longest and most expensive eviction in German History being prepared for Hambi for and possibly before Oct. to Feb. Cutting season to fuel the biggest single CO and toxin emmitter on the Continent.

Only a multiplicity of actions like those called for in solidarity in response to attack/eviction on Hambi, Climate and the Planet and only constant pressure on the polluters through diversity of creative resistance tactic can affect, not change, not even transition but a simple reconsideration for the masses presently so suicidally co-dependend on Fossil Fuels.  Forming temporary autonomous communities has become an example of the simplicity and strengths of transition and degrowth skills.

Next regional focus is preparation for Climate Games in Basil on the 4.8 to 13.8 which will include a base Climate Camp with a week of action training, reports and presentation from Global Struggles against Fossil Fuels and nuclear energy and related workshops. The culminating on Friday 10.8 and Saturday 11.8 Actions taking place in port of Basil focusing on oil loading facilities. Call goes out also to anti-coal resistance movement in the Rhineland to join and support the struggle across cross-sectional lines. And vice versa for the Skill-shares and the Cutting season in Hambi and mass actions against RWE.

See You In The Forest,

Hambi Bleibt, Klima one struggle one fight!


Last Forest Walk: Message missing from the Media + Photos

This sunday was a unique walk in that it started in town of Mannheim where the destruction of houses is advancing, bringing attention to the plight of local inhabitants loosing their homes and being resettle by RWE. Then the approximately 300 people walked to the Bund meadow and placed a large yellow X in the paths of the diggers and unfolded and stood with numerous anti-coal mining signs and banners. Then it was through the forest, with several stops including the edge of the woods and then all the way to Oaktown where climbing demonstrations took place and the visitors joined the forest activists for a meal.

The forest walk continues to share the message that has been missing even from the less bias national and international media. Showing that the forest not only continues to be open but that the forest activist and supporters continue to invite and bring people into this vanishing ecosystem to share its beauty, uniqueness and its connection to global climate issues. Forest whose destruction is happening at the same time as that of the local towns and villages as the water table and aquifers are pumped empty to keept the mine dry.

The forest activists supporters and visitors also keep the message alive of the disproportionate use of force against the forest occupation going hand in hand with fear and propaganda campaigns against the activists.
The media can not be counted on to inform about the situation of our friends and comrades such as UPIII who continues to be imprisoned but it is something that it is up to the activists and all people of good will to keep this message going.

There was a common disbelief especially on the part of the younger participants that the towns, roads and forest that they walk on and through will be destroyed and cut. They have a valid reason to be concerned as that is another subject absent from the mass media narrative: How over the 50 millions tons of coal extracted from underneath Hambach Forest yearly is endangering their not just future but their very survival. Feeding runaway climate change, droughts, wild forest fires, Forcing on the future geteration through corporate greed backed up by the state force and repression a Climate Instability reality of violence,repression and food insecurity.

Using the tactic of invaders, occupiers and exploiters local media continues to attempt to redirect attention and blame to the very people that are resisting this war on the Planet and local communities. Attempting to justify the future waves of eviction and repression.  Which continue to be unjust and unjustified for all of those that have ever been in the forest, connected with Hambis or who have experience repression and who are not closed off to social and ecological injustice.


Weekly Noise Demo for UPIII This Sunday 1900

The next solidarity noise demo in front of Ossendorf jail for UPIII will be at 19:000 instead of the previous 22:00. Come and support Hambi comrade by bringing megaphones, instruments or even cooking pots.  This can be doubly appreciated as weekend in prison suck as you get no mail and often there is less prison guards working so sometimes you do not even get out you cell for walk outside.  Such conditions for someone defending the forest or anybody in general bring attention how much the repression is being used to demoralize those inside and intimidate those active on the outside not to engage in direct action or activism.  Don’t let this happen! Resist repression, prison and Coal!


Here is an excerpt from one of the last letters from UPIII, the full leter can be seen at: https://abcrhineland.blackblogs.org

I admire all of you for your courage, tenacity, energy, kindness, generosity and a million other things. The memory of it gives me strength, as do the many letters you have sent. Telling me I am not forgotten (and I do not forget you, either).

I remember your faces, your voices, the way many of you walk, the sound of your footsteps, heavy or light, fast or slow (I like to always be aware of who to expect so this is something I notice quickly).

The little things make you more “real” here, for want of a better phrase. That you still exist beyond these walls. I only got to know you for a short time (an unfairly short amount of time really) but that doesn’t matter, I look forward to picking up where I left off. I wonder how many of you there will be familiar faces? I’ll be here for four months, and I’ve already heard of people coming and going. This doesn’t dull my excitement tough, new friends to make!

Resist Coal Commission!

The initial euphoria of coal industry dominated Coal Commission to address the issue of German Coal Exit has been replaced by German Federal Republic forming a mirror image of Trumps administration with its Climate Denying stepping out of international climate agreements and obligations and instead attempting to put in place massive subsidies that will keep  toxic and destructive lignite industry going even further despite it not even being able to compete on its own with falling prices of renewables.

As the Commission convened the German Environmental minister Svenja Schulze announced that the agreed to 2020 reductions of CO2 will not be met. Shielding Coal and fossil fuel industry and the Coal Comission from pressure and responsibility for effects of Climate Change with Global South disproportionately suffering the consequences.  Further subsidizing this failing industry and allowing it to continue its destruction of habitats, communities and climate by calling for massive “restructuring” assistance. Trump’s, recently blocked, subsidies to closing, failing and unprofitable coal and nuclear power plants attempted to do the same by framing the discussion in terms of energy security with the false narrative of renewable as being unreliable source of energy. The German state support and financial assistance to industries that the same government agreed to scale back and transition from acknowledging the global scope of Climate Change emergency is significant in how the Neo-Liberal profit based regimes are transitioning to even higher levels of corruption and lack of transparency in which even the capitalist profit based principles can not continue to function on their own without a mass appropriation of public resources for profit of the very few on the corporate and governmental top at the cost of sacrificing stability of the planet’s climate and its future as a whole. Late Ultra-Liberal Disaster Corporate-Welfare Capitalism is here: RWE for example has last year only made “profit” for the first time in last 3 years due to 4.5 billion tax refund(in effect a hidden subsidy) for their nuclear power plants whose upkeep is already being subsidized.

The make up and structure of the Coal Commission continues to deny and distance decision-making process from the effect of climate change by being presided over by 3 former pro-coal presidents of coal mining regions, and by one former industry energy “transition” think tank executive with one participant of heavily vested in fossil industry Deutsche Bahn, German Railways,setting up an agenda of calling for “financial cushioning” of shutting down of coal industry that the commission is attempting to delay to 2030-2050 and then only with those massive payouts involved. Not just the german public, which is in favor of coal exit, but the whole global population affected by RWE’s and Vatenfall’s massive coal usage and co2 emissions is being held hostage by Coal and its affiliated politicians. As high temperatures and droughts rage with coal, oil and gas industries flexing their muscle of influence and disinformation to demand more resources for more extraction of combustibles so they can continue to feed the blaze of run away climate change. Smoke Screen of “The jobs” narrative is repeatedly used instead, using the 30 thousand jobs in coal mining as a bargaining chip, without mention or inclusion of representatives of over 120 thousands involved in renewable industry in the working of the commission. Not included also are members of any other German opposition parties present in German politics within the commission which is solely dominated by CDU/CSU, SPD insiders whose strategy of competing for votes with far right nationalist AFD parties is to embrace some of their issues and appeal by becoming more right wing and conservative, this is the case not just with immigration but also especially with embracing Coal as a traditional German industry. This informal alliance extends also to repression of Hambacher Forest activists, calling for climate justice and immediate coal exit, as terrorists. AFD has made protecting German Coal and “jobs” one of their key issues another one is elimination of left and radical autonomous centers, projects and struggles. This narrative is also embraced by coal industry and Herber Reul, interior/police chief of North Rhine Westphalia a Rhine Rnergie advisor and Armin Laschet NRW president and also coal industry insider and supporter. Calling for and organizing massive police actions against Hambacher Forest activists fear mongering regularly not about the effects of climate change but about left wing extremism while even the official estimates place the number of right extremists at 3 times the number of those on the left. Another parallel of the Trump regime violently repressing opposition to pipeline and fossil fuel extraction projects with disproportionate police forces and sentences classifying those protecting communities, ecosystems and climate from violent destruction as a threat to public(read: profit) safety.

The 2 degree climate warming danger area entered now do to “business as ussuall” mentality of full co-option of the political structures by fossil industry signifies entering a run away climate change territory: Run away climate change that will not just be irreversible but is the begging of an upward exponential spiral of temperature increases of 10-15 degree climate warming that will result in massive water level rise, loss of arctic and antarctic ice cover and cause extinction of most life as we know it.  Issues not present in Commission outward statement with only one climate expert among 26 industry affiliated representatives.

“No Jobs on the Dead Planet” and “System Change not Climate Change” is now gaining not just deeper than ever significance but becoming a daily reality, reality that not only goes on unopposed by is enforcde by the political structures and governments.

Resist Corporate RWE and other Fossil Fools Climate Chaos and habit destruction:

Hambi Bleibt! Hambi Stays! Stays as a global and historical testimony that when the planet is pushed off the edge not just by opportunistic political constructs but also by their tanks and helicopters and their prisons there were and continue to be people that said “No More”: “Basta!” And who continue to resist the Disaster Capitalism narrative. How long and how much pressure the resistance continue to exert depends on all reading this and becoming active and supporting the Hambach Forest occupation and other indigenous and anti-extractionist climate Justice struggles world wide.

Free UPIII! and free Planet from the Specter of fossil fuels induced run away Climate Change Disasterism.