The Hambach Forest, in its structure 12.000 years old and once the biggest forest in the region, is being sacrificed to the biggest open cast mine in europe. Every year more trees are cut down, but there are still at least 600.000 left. With its high proportion of oak, small-leaf linden, dead wood, etc. it’s an ecologically valuable habitat for a host of endangered plant and animal species.

There are many reasons against the deforestation through RWE:

  • A recreation area is lost
  • An important safeguard against the mining dust for the places Buir, Manheim and Morschenich is lost
  • The clear-cutting of the forest and the subsequent combustion of coal make the Rheinish coal-mining district the biggest source of CO2 in Europe. This is speeding up climate change in an irresponsible degree

Due to the decreasing qualitiy of life, the health and environmental impacts of lignite mining there is an increasing resistance in many different forms.

On the cultural festival on 14 April we, local residents and environmental activists from near and far, want to come together and recognize our collective strengths to preserve the Hambach Forest. All groups or individuals can adopt a tree and protect it in their prefered way. Apart from a small creative arts and crafts site, a preparation can already take place at home with family or neighbors in advance. Be creative, the variety of methods will be our strength!

More info look [here].

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