Street music with ‚Klaus der Geiger‘ at the train station in Buir on tuesday (23.10.)

This tuesday we will stir up Buir! At 4 pm Klaus der Geiger (violin songwriter from Cologne) will be playing street music at the station in Buir. He wrote a song about the coal mining by RWE. Let’s have a party over there and show our solidarity against RWE! There will be delicious vegan food for everybody! Hambach Forest stays! The diggers have to leave!


The first clearance works in Hambach Forest have begun. Several hundred meters northwest of the occupation RWE started to remove undergrowth and bushes – preparing the forest for complete removal. These works are being regularly disrupted, diverse tactics are being used successfully. More people are needed to bring the works to a complete halt, so come along and join us! Help saving the forest – NOW is the time!


Security guards taking photos of suspected occupation-members and stealing shared bikes („seizing“ them to hand over to police) has been common practice for a while. In the last few days there were also two physical attacks towards occupants and visitors by members of the security company.
It‘s best to take precautions during your arrival, especially alone or at night. Have a camera ready to take photos or videos, usually this keeps them from trying anything. You can also call us on the forest phone if you want someone to pick you up and accompany you on the dangerous 300m across the bridges.
Don‘t be discouraged from coming, there is an approved vigil space behind the security zone – just don‘t expect any support from public authorities.

Unräumbar Festival

From 26. to 28. october there will be a festival in the forest: The Unräumbar-Festival (unevictable festival)! Let’s party! In the name of the wild boar, the deer and the hambacher forestspirit! Here’s the updated schedule (always open for expansions):

Free Wheelers (Cello Blues)
Luke (accordion-songwriter)
Open Stage and Jäm-Session

starting at noon, various workshops: samba, clowning and juggling, reading tent, media-workshop and radio-corner
at night:
Faulenza (singer-songwriter)
Per Definition zur Traumfigur (singers-songwriters)
Kumulus (instrumentalpostrockwhatever)
Sunlun (Crust/Hardcore)
KSM40 (Punk/HC)
Bassfeld (Industrial)

jugglingworkshop, radio-corner, sundaycafe and a lot of surprises
Tagtraumtänzer (singer + songwriter)
Klaus der Geiger (violin songwriting)

There will be delicious vegan food every day! Bring your friends, what you need for spending the night in the forest and all the crazy party-stuff you want like instruments or costumes!

Here’s the non-updated flyer:

Front Side Flyer A5

festival Flyer Backside A5

deutsche flyer :