Call for solidarity

The Hambach forest and the people there need your help!
There are still 14 (!) persons in custody in the police stations in Jülich, Aachen and Düren.
Five of them are seemingly going to be summonded to a custodial judge. That means that police wants to arrest them for a longer time.
It seems that they want to force some people to give their DNA as well.

What you can do to support the Hambach forest:
come around, support directly the people in the forest and on the meadow (a nice face can give a lot of power!)
go to the police stations in which people are hold under arrest – ask, put pressure, nobody is going to be forgotten! (it would be best if you call the meadow phone [0157 – 54 136 100] for coordination and to know where people are needed, how the food and water supply is working, if more people want to go there and so on) more…

Update: Police searched the meadow Camp.

The Meadow Camp was searched by the police. 2-3 Units of Riot Police surrounded the Meadow. A lot of the Police is also on the meadow. The official Reason for the search: They search for granates, armour material or something related.
The Executive Chief of the Police was at the beginning not available for the protesters. Independet Observers from Düren are at the spot. Also Kriminal Police and Riot Units from Cologne and Aachen.

Around 18:30 Three Units of Riot Police from Cologne surrounded the Meadow at the Hambacher Forest. Under this Circumstances around 30 Police Officers from the Criminal Police all tents, cars and huts on the meadow. Some Things were confiscated and 2 People got arrested. One of them was searched by the Police. The other one was taken for clear the identity.
Around 20:30 the search was finished and the police left the space.

The Last Weeks!

Since the 1th of October nearly everyday different actions happened against the Logging Work in the Hambach Forest near Cologne (Germany). Tree Occupations, Blockades on the Roads towards the Hambach Forest, Blockades of Companys which are involved in the Exploration. In this Time a lot of Assaults by RWE Security against the Activists happened. Workers of the Company “Kaisers” attacked Activists with hammers and put death threats against the Activists.
These Blockades are part of the “No Tree is cutted” Campaign. These Campaign should disturb the logging action, the operating schedule of coal mining and energy generating.
Coal Mining is the most climate damaging way to generate Electricity. This way is accomplished here by batons, police and judicial trials. With Flood Light, Fences, Barbwire, Security Guards with Dogs, Starving out activists, Violence against Activists and Hundreds of Cops they trie to prevent the disturbance of the coal mining.

Since several Years the resistance is facing the interests of the Companys. Several Times since 2012 activists occupied the hambach forest to stop this life harming Technology through Treeoccupation, Ocupation Camps on the ground, Manifestations and Climate/Skill Sharing Camps. In this Time a colourful and creative resistance movement developed.
This was also showed by the last days due to different direct actions. Yesterday there was another Blockade of a logging machine. Three Activists climbed on the Machine and made there concerns public through a microphone. One Activist locked himself to the machine with his neck, so that in case of eviction he would be strangled. These was made public to the Security Guards to prevent them from eviction. The Security made an attempt to pull down the activists from the machine. In this situation the locked on person was falling in his neck and got strangled. The Security stopped the attempt. The surrounded the Machine to prevent the activist from getting away. After One Hour the the Police showed up with around 30 Persons. Despite the Surrounding 2 Activists could escape.
In several negotiations between the locked on Person and the Chief of police it was communicated that the Person could not free himself. After this Policeman entered the machine and were fixing the person to the roof and then cut the neck chain. Then the police brought the person with handcuff and batons to the police station in Dürren. There they collected his fingerprints to identify the person. Then he was released.
Today in the Morning RWE started logging work directly in the area of the Occupations to provoke the activists. Several Activists entered the forest to stop the logging work because in this area activists are living on the ground and on the trees.
Thereupon the RWE Security attacked and injured activists by batons, pepperspray and punches. Also Activists got arrested with strangling and cable ties. Shortly After that the police entered the forest with heavy machines 4 units of riot police and technical supply. Until now 9 Persons got arrested and transported to the police station in dürren. Also the Police started to evict the “Pile” (a barricade with people living in it) which is blocking the way to the tree occupation. For more up-to-date information check the ticker.

Chronology of the last weeks.
29.10. Blockade of the logging work by occupation of the machines. One Person locked-on and the arrested.
28.10. Blockade of the logging work by building barricades and paint bombs to the machines.
25.10. Blockade by blocking the logging machine.
19.10. Walk throw the Forest with 50 Person.
17.10. RWE and Police found a second Occupation near the hole. They directly cut the trees. No Activists in the trees.
15.10. Activist in falling out of the tree. One Person arrested.

Evicton! Injuries! Blockades! Searching!

RWE Wachschutz injured Activists. One Person losing Consciousness due beating by the Security. Activists choked and arrested with cable ties.
Today was another Blockade of cutting and logging in the Hambacher Forest, within the Campaign “No Tree is falling”.
At this Blockade the RWE Security attacks the activists with batons and Pepper Spray. At this point some activists get injured.Thereupon a second Blockade happened to make the Security and the Loggers aware of it that they accept to injure the activists. At this point Security attacked the activists roundly with batons and pepper spray. Also the Logging Machine was heading directly towards the activists. During this attack 3 Activists get injured, one of them losing consciousness for a moment. Also the RWE Security arrested 3 Person, they choked the persons and bond them with cable tie. Activists defended themselves. After one hour police showed up and arrested 3 more persons. The police came from Düren and also the Arrested people will be brought there.
Come around and support the Blockades. Show Solidarity everywhere, thats what the people need here.
Press Contact: 015754136100

News Ticker:
To the ticker more…

trees with platforms at the edge of clearcut felled

The daily madness continues.
This morning activists from the tree ocupation “Grubenblick” reported about an unpleasent visit beneath their platforms:
RWE, Kötters Security and the Police with a cherrypicker. The occupation is directly at the edge of the clearcut, no more than 100 meters distance to the hole of the mine. Some pictures from Grubenblick
The workers of the landmurdering company RWE cut down trees which had platforms on them. Soon after the police came by and examined the occupied trees of “Grubenblick”. Presumably they made preparations for an eviction.

Now it is quiet again, the activists of Grubenblick stay in the trees and have a hideous look on the deepest hole of europe and uncountable treestumps.

MONTREAL AGAINST TAR SANDS AND PIPELINES, October 14, 2014 – As TransCanada gears up to apply to National Energy Board (NEB), Climate Justice Montreal releases a communique rooted in a climate justice perspective in opposition to tar sands and the TransCanada Energy East pipeline. With a photo symbolizing the direct action that is already taking place along pipeline routes across North America, Montrealers say that oil companies should expect more popular resistance. For more information:montreal-against-tar-sands-pipelines

Press Release about the accident on Monday

Struggle against Climate Change at high personal Risk

Helicopter rescues fallen climbing activist – climbing partner arrested without reason

On Monday, a French activist fell down from a 8 metre high platform at a forest occupation near the clearcut border of the open cast mine Hambach. A helicopter brought the conscious accident victim to the nearby hospital. Another forest occupant was arrested by the police during the rescue mission and was held at the police station in Düren for several hours without reason. For 3 years, activists have been protesting in the Hambach Forest against Europe’s biggest open cast mine, which is located between Cologne and Aachen. more…

Solidarity worldwide! we’re sending messages of solidarity to the blockade at the SUNCOR refinery in Montreal, Quebec that took place yesterday, to the Banc Expropiat squat under threat of eviction in Barcelona, Spain, and to the resistance against the gold mine in Skouries, Greece.

Early on October 7, four women blockaded the SUNCOR refinery Montreal using tripod and lock-on techniques. This was to protest the reversal of Enbridge’s Line 9B oil pipeline, which will be bringing Tar Sands oil from Alberta through Montreal for export. more…

Blockade October 1st – brutally attacked, on October 1st 2014, the demonstrations against the ongoing clearance of the Hambach Forest continue at the gates of Europe’s biggest open cast mine.At 09:25 am three bulldozers, one chain dredger and one truck were occupied at the gateway of the open cast mine Hambach.
The workers of RWE and the hired security reacted violently. They attacked the demonstrators with metal pipes. Diggers which were occupied by persons sitting on them continued to move, disregarding the fact that this was a serious thread to the activists’ lives.
Due to the violence performed by RWE’s wageworkers the activists were displaced from the territory already 15 minutes later. They withdrew to avoid further violent escalation.
Is the planned destruction of a forest more important than the health of human beings?
Further information on today’s events and pictures will follow soon!


Despite the violent behaviour of the workers nobody was injured seriously. Here are pictures showing the action more…

Tree occupied at the edge of the clearance the night to September 30, activists occupied a tree near the edge of the open cast mine Hambach. The tree is one of many that is supposed to give way for the brown coal mine Hambach during the cutting season that starts on October 1.
“This destruction is only one example emphasizing the value of environment and humans in this economic system!”, one of the tree occupiers says.
“The open cast mine, one of the biggest producers of CO2 in Europe, is not only responsible for the expulsion of humans and the deforestation of one of the last primeval forests in Middle and Western Europe. It is also having an impact on the world climate. Thus, it is jointly responsible for heatwaves, droughts and floodings. Thereby whole ecosystems are collapsing, especially in the Global South, and many people lose their livelihood.”
With this action the activists want to oppose the destruction of life and call everyone to get involved in the conservation of our livelihood.
“We see ourselves as a part of a global movement, which is accusing the profit of individuals in disadvantage of everyone! We are in solidarity with indigenous peoples all over the world, who are especially suffering from the power of companies and who in some cases effectively manage to resist”, another activist says.
The Link to the fotos:GrubenBlick