Eviction aborted!

RWE realized that the weather did not permit an eviction yesterday, November 27. So RWE announced to launch a new eviction attempt today. The weather today will be good. Come in great numbers to the vigil taking place in solidarity with the occupants and the preservation of the Hambach Forest!
The vigil(s) are on the way north from Buir to the old A4 motorway exit. From the meadow from you can go there with accompaniment. Let us support our comrade numerously!

UPDATE: The security intensified its presence in the area and is intimidating people! It is best to go directly to the meadow. From there we can go in groups. We also can pick up people at the Buir railway station or accompany them from there. Take care of yourselves, and don’t let them intimidate you! Contact: 0049 157 5413 6100

EVICTION -fire brigade on the way to the occupation

12 vehicles of the fire brigade are moving towards the prefield of the mine. There, on the edge of the clearcut, one activist is occupying a tree to prevent it from the cutting. After calling all nearby fire brigades, no official seems to know anything about the opperation – at least they say so.
In the morning we already got a call, that 8 police cars (one century) are on the highway A4 going from Aachen towards our dirrection. more…

Neuland is surrounded

The tree occupation Neuland has been surrounded with a fence today. It has a distance from 40 to 100 meters from the tree. Durimg the day four generators have been placed around the fence for electricity for light during the night. 6 security guards stand around the fence partly armed with sticks.
They placed a basket with food below the tree, probably to lure people on the tree down.
The used techice is the same for the tree occupation Kelsterbach 2009. The fence has been a good opportunity to talk with the guards and to get to know how bad their contracts and fees are (impressions from the occupation in Kelsterbach). Also for Stuttgart 21 a legendary fence has been used for an art project.

FILMS: Blockades, Injuries, Death Threads and Persistency

source indymedia: Hambacher Forst: Neue Filme

Blockades, Injuries, Death Threads and Persistency.
The face in and around the Hambach Forest in moving pictures.

This film is a result of a blockade in the prefield of the open cast mine Hambach, on Oct., 01, 2014. It was the begin of the “No tree falls” Campaign which the Occupations in and around the forest initiated. The blocked company – Heinz-Bert-Kaiser, Abbruch und Erdbewegungen aus 52388 Nörvenich – which is in charge of the demolition of the old coal-trainway helps the expansion of the open coal mine in the hands of RWE.
During this blockade activists were injured by workers of the company. more…

comradś in prision

#Since Nov, 18, 2014 another compa is imprisoned!
He was arrested on 18th Nov during a blockade to block harvesting of the forest. He is now accused of criminal assault in the event of the 30th October, like Basti (See: Results from 30.11).
He was brought to a custodial judge on Nov, 19. According to the police in Düren he is now transferred to JVA Aachen (prison) and is on remand until he is brought to court.
If you want to support you are welcome to do everything you want. For now, if you want to send letters to the newly imprisoned person, send them to

9.11.: Köln goes forest!

We meet at 11:20 a.m. at the platform of S12 in Köln-Ehrenfeld. You will recognize us by the sign „Hambacher Forst bleibt!“ (Hambach Forest remains!). In Buir we will pick up the rest at 12 a.m. at the station. Together we will visit the hole and the meadow camp afterwards. There we may enjoy vegan cake and enough time for all questions, information exchange and to have ideas and plans. If you like, bring your own food (at best vegan) to have a pleasant afternoon. If you can’t find time to join us it’s fine: we will have this tour every second sunday from now on.

harvester squatted,new forest occupation

100 meters distant from a new tree occupation in the cutting area of RWE a harvester has been squatted to block the ongoing fellings. Both occupations are part of the campaign “hands off the trees!” (german: “Kein Baum fällt“), that continues unabatedly in the light of last week’s repression.
We defend the forest against your violence!

Since Thursday one imprisoned comrade is awaiting trial in Aachen. Please contact us to express your solidarity via post mail.


14:00 Uhr – RWE personel starts cuttings near a tree, that has been occupied four days ago.
15:00 Uhr – Activists express the imminent danger of people in the trees.
15:30 Uhr – A harvester is blocked by four persons.
16:00 Uhr – Private security guards retreat from the tree occupation to gather at the squatted vehicle. They are armed with iron tonfas as usual.
16:30 Uhr – police approaches forest with several patrol cars.
17:10 Uhr – 2 persons leave the harvester, 2 stay on top. Around 30 RWE security guards mob around them. Still no police (though they entered the forest half an hour ago) more…