Eviction aborted!

RWE realized that the weather did not permit an eviction yesterday, November 27. So RWE announced to launch a new eviction attempt today. The weather today will be good. Come in great numbers to the vigil taking place in solidarity with the occupants and the preservation of the Hambach Forest!
The vigil(s) are on the way north from Buir to the old A4 motorway exit. From the meadow from you can go there with accompaniment. Let us support our comrade numerously!

UPDATE: The security intensified its presence in the area and is intimidating people! It is best to go directly to the meadow. From there we can go in groups. We also can pick up people at the Buir railway station or accompany them from there. Take care of yourselves, and don’t let them intimidate you! Contact: 0049 157 5413 6100

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