EVICTION -fire brigade on the way to the occupation

12 vehicles of the fire brigade are moving towards the prefield of the mine. There, on the edge of the clearcut, one activist is occupying a tree to prevent it from the cutting. After calling all nearby fire brigades, no official seems to know anything about the opperation – at least they say so.
In the morning we already got a call, that 8 police cars (one century) are on the highway A4 going from Aachen towards our dirrection.

news ticker:
12:00 jumping sheet put underneath the tree. The voluntary fire brigade of Merzenich, one emergency car and emergency doctor are there
12:30 The people with the cherry picker have just been up again anbd said, the police would be on the way and that they would evict today. RWE Power Essen claims on the phone not to know anything.
13:00 RWE Power states that “if the fire brigade is there, then they help people. Don’t worry”

As of november 26, every 2 hours a lifting platform comes to the tree, with an RWE employee and a paramedic aboard. They try to contact the person in the tree, which is thus kept awake by persistent and deliberate sleep deprivation on the part of RWE employees and Buschkötter Securities.
Since over 24 hours they are lounging with sticks around the tree, hitting with them against the tree, and call up again and again: “Come down” This is torture.
This package of measures is disproportionate, nobody is entitled to any behaviour like this.

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