Neuland has been evicted!

Besetzer_in am Ende der Räumung
6:00 a.m. Some vehicles of police and fireworkers have been spotted in the forest. We assume, that this is the announced eviction of the tree occupation “Newland” north of the former motorway A4. Stay tuned.
6:30 a.m. two persons locked themselves to each other on one of the entrance roads.
12:00 a.m. the eviction is done, the person was smiling and waved dring by, followed by the technical team in their white van. more…

Basti is free!

We made it! A big cheering outside the courthouse – many from the meadow and from anywhere else had followed the call and welcomed our friend Basti warmly. We had to wait a long time in front of the house and there was some commotion because none of us was allowed to enter the building. One person was arrested for a short time, but is now free again. At the meadow it’s party now! But we don’t forget our Compa Felix sitting still in the prison of Aachen. Freedom for All!