First published in German on on February 7th, 2015. This translation wasn’t yet revised by the author or a native speaker. Guess, it’ll work anyway…

Gold mining in Greece

With my backpack shouldered I slowly drag myself up the street. A police patrol drives past me, then a car from a security firm. Then the patrol comes back. And yet another security car. This is how it’s been going on all the time, since I took the way up the Kakavos mountain in Greece.

It didn’t take me two hours by bus and hitchhiking from Thessaloniki to the 3,000-strong village Megali Panagia, which is located in the east of the Halkidiki peninsula. But from there on there was no alternative to walking. What fuels me? Maybe the beautiful nature, the forest, the mountains, the rivers, the ocean? – In a way, yes. However, in a rather less beautiful way: What brings me here is the clear-cutting of forests, blowing up of the mountain, the poisoning of oceans, rivers and groundwater. On the Kakavos Mountain one of the many planned gold mines in northern Greece is being developed: Skouries. The catastrophic impacts of this project are going to be beyond imagination, and it is already way further than the starting blocks. more…

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European police congress in berlin

Today and tomorrow (24th/ 25th February) once again representatives from a variety of police structures, from the companies arming them and from politics will meet in order to optimize the European police work. Press is strongly resricted (source in German). Some of the topics of this police state’s meeting are going to be the cooperation of public and private security agencies, standards for foreign assignments, armament, data evaluation, expansion of CCTV in public spaces, preventive policing and counterinsurgency (congress programme).

Activities against occupants of the Hambach Forest

First published in German on 11th February.

In several incidents during the last week, defendors of the lignite open cast mine damaged or destroyed material of the occupations. Among others, several climbing ropes were cut, the tires of a car owned by a person living in the occupation were stabbed and a tent in the new inhabitalbe barricade (“the Hedgehog”) was slit. more…

Mobilization, info material and the skill sharing camp in April

Hey folks, the Winter is approaching it’s end ans a new spring with actions in and around the Hambach Forest is coming up. In the Forest Festival on 4th and 5th April 2015 we will celebrate three years of forest- and meadow occupations, and subsequently there will be another Skillsharing Camp from 6th until 12th April 2015.
We still have loads of flyers, placards, stickers and texts, which are waiting for a space in your infoshops and projects and would like to be distributed. If you want to have any material sent to you, send us an e-mail with the subject “infostuff” to (Notice the German spelling!)
For further infos on the Skillsharing Camp, click here.
You can also download the flyers below in order to print them yourselves. more…

Der Stacheligel (The spiky hedgehog)


New living Barricade

Since a few days, shelters a spiky hedgehog, blocking one of the main crossroads in the Hambach Forest. It’s a type of watchtower, surrounded by other barricades and trenches. The barricade, which is occupied 24 hours a day, was visited this morning by RWE Security-Forces. Unfortunately, they also came very close to the squatted meadow and therefore had to be accompanied out of the forest by some people.

In the last days, increasingly often security guards patrolled the forest on “our side” of the closed down highway. Yesterday, the climbing rope of the Beechtown-Occupation was cut again.