ZAD Roybon in danger of eviction

Flyer ZAD Roybon

Another endangered forest: From the ZAD Roybon we got a call for help. From 8th to 15th July. the ZAD is in immediate danger of eviction. People there are fighting against Center Parcs in Roybon, an industry tourism attraction park.

From their call:


The fuckers want to expel the ZAD Roybon from the 8th to the 15th of
July. What a great way to enjoy summer.

The fascists and pigs will start to block the roads into the zone soon,
so we need help fast to prepare and stay in the zone. We need all the
help we can get, all the skills and experience to help defend this
beautiful forest from vanishing.

Please come in numbers, ready and energized to stop this. Please come

To get to the zone, the autoroute A49 from Valence to Grenoble, get off
in St. Marcellin, there is a road north to the town of Roybon, about
16km. Best to walk through the forest and avoid the roads. go past 4 km
the town and there is the zone, best in the evening or night. Hitchiking
is great around this area.

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