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It’s a big day! Since the early morning, more than a thousand activists are stirring up the coal region.
We will keep you updated here.

“Ende Gelände” has their own Ticker.

Abbreviations: TH=Tagebau Hambach (Hambach Mine), TG=Tagebau Garzweiler (Garzweiler Mine) TI=Tagebau Inden, DI=Demonstration Inden
The crowd is splitting up into several large groups called Fingers

August 15 Ticker

    07:00 TG Crowd of over thausand leaving climate camp, chanting “Let’s go Ende Gelände!”
    07:10 TG Climbing activists block motorway A61 by abseiling from a Bridge and banner drop – road closed
    07:30 TG Green Finger passed under motorway, now free passage to the mine edge – People hurt by pepperspray
    08:00 TG Green Finger is on the way into the mine, 30-40 people stopped&surrounded by police – Take Care!
    08:10 TG 30-40 People arrested, 5 injured by pepperspray, 2 by police batons
    08:20 TG Riot Police entering mine at village Hochneukirch
    08.30 TG Mine Security (RWE) is refusing press entry to the protests in the mine
    08:31 TG Close Cooperation: RWE AG is driving police into the mine with company jeeps
    08:39 TG Police has reached Green Finger, arrests happened – 200 people regroup and make their way to the first digger
    08:50 TG Police and RWE Security join forces – first arrests in the mine
    08:55 TG WDR Radio confirms Autobahn A61 closed due to climate activists
    09:00 TG Motorway climbers are being removed
    09:05 TG Massive use of pepperspray and batons! Another breakthrough to the digger
    09:08 TG Pink and yellow fingers are under the skywalk, also on their way to a digger
    09:10 TG Blue Finger is last crossing the motorway, all fingers now passed
    09:10 TG estimated 1500 people are in the Garzweiler Mine right now
    09:15 TG Diggers and conveyors on first and second mine layer are stopped
    09:15 TG Lots of burning eyes from pepperspray, also several head injuries
    09:50 TH Two police vans in front of meadow camp
    09:53 TG Vigil starting in village Borschemich
    10:00 TH Police left again – waiting for news from the living barricade
    10:00 TG Pink Finger surrounded completely – one journalist hurt by pepperspray and one arrested.
    10:17 TG Police is very violent, hitting and pushing activists unprovoked, using pepperspray
    10:26 TH Things are calm at the living barricade, no police but lots of civil (RWE?) cars
    10:35 TG Paramedics are refused access to injured people in the mine
    10:40 TH Police position themselves around the meadow camp, passive and watching
    10:50 TG Police preparing for ID procedures – on the back of RWE pickup
    11:10 TG First arrested activist in Aachen holding cells (Hubert-Wienen-Str 25) calling out for loud prisoner support!
    11:15 TG Police is helpless – most demonstrators have no ID, but there are no capacities to arrest them all
    11:20 TG Police blocking Demo in Jackerath, should continue soon after negotiations
    11:23 TG More and more people are being stopped and controlled moving away from the mine edge
    11:40 TG Remaining people in yellow finger are leaving the demo and connecting with others at the first mine layer close to a digger
    12:00 TG Blue Finger also leaving demo and blocking a digger
    12:19 TG Police kettleing people in the mine, diggers stand still
    13:00 TH Everything is calm
    13:20 TG Police are confiscating straw sacks to use them as seats for themselves
    13:25 TG Police blocks Motorway Exit Jackerath, stopping access from cologne to allowed demonstration
    13:40 TG Team Pink is captured entirely, activists are put in single transport cells by police and moved off
    13:51 TH Police is doing rounds at meadow camp in civil and cop cars
    13:55 TG Team Pink and Blue driven out of the mine, partly in caterpillars – people refusing ID are taken to holding cells (gesa)
    13:57 TG One activist is jumping out of a Police transporter, running back through the mine. Police can’t catch up.
    14:00 TH Police driving around Buir-Morschenich and mine entrances in plain cars, taking photos and videos
    14:10 TG Fotos from inside the mine:
    15:00 TH RWE Security parking in front of the meadow, watching the camp
    15:04 TG One of the fingers is surrounded exclusively by RWE-Security. Privatizing police, RWE-style
    15:05 TG Yellow Finger is blocking RWE machinery that’s being prepared for eviction
    15:07 TG Danish journalist cable tied by police, and left in the kettle for three hours
    15:11 DI Police blocking demonstration and arresting one protestor for wearing a dust mask
    15:30 TG About 600 demonstrators remain in the mine
    15:57 TG Yellow finger being evicted
    16:03 TI Lots of police moving towards Inden. Might be connected with NPD-Demo in the Jülich area(Link)
    16:20 TH Two plain cars are circling the meadow camp, taking pictures
    16:20 DI Demonstration and speeches peacefully come to an end in sight of the mine edge, mild rain
    16:40 TG Activists are still cable tied, some for up to 7 hours now, they get no food, no water
    16:50 TG All diggers remain standing still
    17:10 TG Small crowd of people released in Jackerath – regardless of being identified or not
    17:10 TG 35 people released in Düsseldorf
    17:20 TG Yellow Finger being evicted out of the mine, Green Finger occupation still active, around 100 people
    17:25 TG Six prison vans arrive at green finger. Eviction might be starting soon.
    17:25 DI Demo reaches mine edge. Great Atmosphere, despite the rain – police on horses nearby
    17:34 TG Blue finger completely evicted
    17:36 TG Prisoners in Buses in front of Aachen Police Station for hours now – more being brought to Düsseldorf
    17:39 TH High police presence (also plain clothed) around meadow camp and tripod, but generally moving towards the mine
    18:04 TH Police surrounding tripod in the forest
    18:14 TH Police left tripod again
    18:25 TG Everything seems to be evicted now – Arrested activists are taken to Düsseldorf and Aachen
    18:50 TG Activists are randomly moved out of RWE coaches, some into holding cells or police vehicles, some just let out in the countryside
    20:00 TG Green finger arrestees are being brought to aachen into holding cells
    21:45 AC Vigil in front of Aachen police station – Cops are pushing people and sending them off
    22:15 AC Police is illegally sending people away from the vigil and refusing to communicate. People fear possible eviction
    22:30 AC We need support for people at Aachen, urgent! especially if you have a car, get in contact with EA (+49 (0)157 82 86 82 73) Arrested People are being released at three different train stations: West, Hauptbahnhof and Rote Erde, also in Stolberg 30-40 released activists are looking for transport back to climate camp
    23:20 TG 140 people need to be brought back to climate camp from Erkelenz train station, arriving at 00:18
    23:20 TG 2 people are still held at GeSa in Düsseldorf
    00:00 AC fewer people remain arrested in Aachen, first person in Düsseldorf also released. For people arriving back at climate camp there is a quiet space at the Kid’s area, with warm food.
    00:15 TG Police is blocking motorway exit to climate camp
    00:45 TG People released in Düsseldorf should get in touch with EA urgently
    00:50 TG Everybody in Erkelenz has been picked up

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