Farewell to the silence

One year after the opening of highway A4

Buir: “Farewell to the silence – one year after the opening of highway A4”

On September 16, 2014, the new route of the A4 was officially inaugurated. At the invitation of the action group “Buirers for Buir”, on the evening before a farewell to the silence took place as a neighborhood meeting. It should be remembered this year with a neighborhood church service, followed by a picnic on the evening of 15 September.
It is one year ago now, that on the eve of the A4 inauguration members of the action group, along with many neighbors and friends from the lignite-critical network, said farewell to the silence in Buir on the Olbertze Bridge. With “Farewell to the silence – One Year After” should be reminded of the event one year ago.
The new route of the A4 was built directly on the outskirts of the village in order to give the open pit operator RWE the possibility to expand the Hambach mine to even more and thus additionally burdening the village with noise, dirt, dust, mining damage, etc.. “It is important for us to remember what quality of life Buir had, before the A4 was moved to the outskirts of the village and what we have lost in one year,” Andreas Büttgen of the action group said. “But we also want to encourage people that there is still room for improvement and good ideas, that it is worthwhile to look ahead and get involved – in particular, because the challenges are even bigger with the approaching of the open pit.”
So this evening mainly will be about sharing: sharing memories, ideas, worries, information – as well as the sharing of food and drink.
On this occasion the action group invites warmly on September 15, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. to an ecumenical neighborhood worship on the memorial and commemorative place on the “Buirer Wall” (staircase from parking S-Bahn station). Subsequently a joint “Mitbring” dinner will take place: anybody can contribute anything to eat or to drink. Alternative site in bad weather is the Evangelical Church, Bahnstr. 46. For any other important information, please visit: www.buirerfuerbuir.de
Always up to date: facebook.com/BuirerFuerBuir

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