Wolność dla Jus!Freedom for Jus!

Love & hugs for Reclaim the fields Polska!

Wolność dla Jus!
Jus to nasz przyjaciel i aktywista aresztowany podczas sierpniowej akcji skierowanej przeciwko kopalni odkrywkowej w Hambacher Forst w Niemczech. Fota to nasz skromny wyraz solidarności i pamięci. Wolność dla wszystkich!
Zamiast minuty ciszy, całe życie w walce!

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Freedom for Jus!
Jus is our friend and activist arrested during the February action against the open pit mine in Hambach Forest, Germany. Fota (?) is our modest memory and solidarity. Freedom for all!
Instead of minutes of silence, a lifetime in the fight!

Climate justice also means:Refugees are Welcome!

Germany 2015. The extreme right groups “Concerned citizens”, Nazis, Pegida and AfD stir up public opinion against refugees, demonstrate in front of refugee domiciles and almost every day accommodation for refugees is attacked, so far mostly uninhabited, but buildings, where already people lived in, have been attacked too. Representatives of the governing parties CDU and SPD refer to these people as “rabble” and condemn their movements verbally, while they on the one hand hardly ensure the protection of the refugees (in Heidenau they sent only 136 cops to protect the refugees against more than 1,000 right-wingers) and on the other hand they even meet the demands of these right movements by worsening the lives of refugees massively (re-tightening of the residence obligation, food parcels instead of cash payments), by declaring more and more countries “safe third countries” (primarily Balkan countries where Roma are exposed to even more massive discrimination than anywhere else) and now by closing the borders with Austria and Denmark again and reintroducing border controls.

Why cooperate?

A statement on the refusal to identify oneself

Source: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/de/node/143470, german
In most writings on demonstrations and blockades and in many groups (eg Rote Hilfe) it is considered obvious that we identify ourselves when members of police or army want us to do so. It seems impossible to do otherwise. Some reasons why some people continue to resist to it anyway, are explained in the following text, with some tips and tricks. You also learn more about the legal situation in Germany. This text is based on individual experiences. Many others may have different experiences, feelings or opinions. This is a section of a subject which for now is not very common. more…

Farewell to the silence

One year after the opening of highway A4

Buir: “Farewell to the silence – one year after the opening of highway A4”

On September 16, 2014, the new route of the A4 was officially inaugurated. At the invitation of the action group “Buirers for Buir”, on the evening before a farewell to the silence took place as a neighborhood meeting. It should be remembered this year with a neighborhood church service, followed by a picnic on the evening of 15 September.
It is one year ago now, that on the eve of the A4 inauguration members of the action group, along with many neighbors and friends from the lignite-critical network, said farewell to the silence in Buir on the Olbertze Bridge. With “Farewell to the silence – One Year After” should be reminded of the event one year ago. more…

Update from Jus

Update Oct. 2 : Jus, who has been in custody since June 26th, the eviction of the tower barricade, was set free October 2nd.

Update Sept. 10 :
The appeal against detention was rejected… Jus has to stay in prison. The court hearing is now scheduled for 2 October. Because of the appeal against detention his lawyer will now go to the District Court in Cologne. He calls the processing times and the long waits unbearable. more…

Main conveyor belt blocked

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Early this morning two people occupied the main conveyor belt, close to the coal bunk at hambach. This conveyor belt transports coal from all over the mine to the coal bunker, and from there, to the coal trains.

This action is against this system in which big companies are allowed to destroy our earth.
Also in solidarity with our comrade Jus, who is in prison for 6 weeks now. We encourage everyone to show support for Jus in anyway that they see fit. Freedom fo Jus!

The people in the blockade decided to focus on their action and not so much on media, if media has questions they can call the meadow phone: 0157 – 54 136 100

For one hour the workers sprinkled them with cold water. After 6,5 hours the people were removed by police and have been released at 1 pm.