October 1, 2015 – Deforestation season started!

Last morning about 10 o’clock, barricades were built on the patrol path at the side of the railway coal mine “Hambachbahn”. Incoming RWE security units were ignored until they got out of hand and their dogs began to be a threat. After a relatively orderly retreat the abandoned A4 was barricaded. RWE started already to destroy this highway in order to prepare the area for the Hambach mine, despite the ongoing trial for the return to service of the A4.

A truck was stopped, after the driver tried to continue his ride, avoiding the activists. Those jumped on the vehicle and the driver stopped. Some tires were freed of their air, and a bag, some tools and a bunch of keys were collectivized.

The driver was reassured and encouraged to take advantage of his unexpected break and not to be annoyed too much because the goal of the action was not him, but the RWE group and all companies benefiting from the destruction.
When it turned out that the bag contained his meal and other for him important things, it was returned to him. He received back his key ring as well. The key of the car was withheld.

Then all the involved militants evaporated as if by magic and police forces came on the plan. Helicopters examined the camp and the forest, a huge crowd of “crime fighters” revolved around the occupation of the meadow and in the “Vorfeld” (area to be prepared for the extraction). Countless patrol cars and vans are positioned around the camp and circulate in the Vorfeld too.

Tick.Tick.Ticker! :

0:45 p.m. At the sabotaged vehicle are at least two police cars and many people (partly in the forest)

0:46 p.m. On the tripod all is calm, all is occupied, two lifting platforms arrived at the Security bridge

0:47 p.m. Two police vans, 1 police patrol in the near hamlet of Morschenich. 4 cops watching the meadow

1:00 p.m. A person who wants to go to the meadow is stopped, checked and photographed

1:20 p.m. The cops are retiring from the former highway A4 after having removed a machine that was converted to a barricade

1:45 p.m. Car patrol visits the entrance to the forest near the base of the Security guards

1:58 p.m. Cologne, Karthäuserwall 14 is cleared!!!

… Let’s see what else this day will bring!

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