Latest information on the person in detention

oday we received some new information from the lawyer of the detained person. The arrest probably went off very brutal. He was reportedly beaten badly by both Security and the police as well. A broken wrist, impact marks and a redness of the eye is the result. Allegedly photos were collected by the police of 5 events in which the detainee allegedly was involved. That’s how they justify his arrest. They accuse him of bodily harm because he allegedly bit a security employee. In addition, trespassing, “disturbance of public enterprises” (German paragraph that mainly is made for sabotage actions), resisting police officers and insulting. He still refuses to give his identity, which is why he was also classified under increased risk of absconding. Letters and cigarette money are very welcome! Once we know his-her actual address, we’ll put here immediately.
Apparently it is becoming common practice first to beat activists and then to bring a charge against them for bodily harm and take them into pre-trial detention. Thank you German “legal system”!

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