arrests for online boycott of Toro de la Vega

Posted on October 16, 2015 by Capità Pirata

On the morning of October 16, there was a simultaneous operation in various parts of the state, with the participation of police armed with machine guns to arrest five people for online boycotting the ‘Toro de la Vega’. One of them is from Borges del Camp and is in dependencies of the National Police of Tarragona.

From the Pirate Confederation, Pirates of Catalonia and the Pirate Movement, we claim the release without charges immediately for all detainees and the immediate treatment of those responsible for these events. This action cannot be considered a crime, but a peaceful claim against a cruel and inhuman act carried out in Spain.

At the same time we demand the elimination of the events of torture and animal abuse, of the ‘gag laws’ and all repressive laws against public protests, whether on the Internet or on the street.

Update (18: 30h): It seems that finally there was only one arrest in connection with this case, although we had been informed about five detainees. The arrested is a member of PACMA.

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