militant actions against cutting2 arrests

23.10. 2 persons are going to meet the prison judge.
22.10. Between 11 and 12am two persons were arrested.

Aktionen gegen Einzäunung des Rodungsbereiches

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In the last days, several clashes happened in the Hambach Forest, who is endangered by clearcut. The events reached ended in the arrest of two comrades and the following reactions by activists yesterday. more…

Mister Blue


Send mail to 1uJS932/15 JVA Aachen; Krefelder Strasse 251; 520708 Aachen.

The result of this treatment a sprain wrist hematomas and read eyes. Police rejected treatment.
Send mail to 1uJS932/15 JVA Aachen; Krefelder Strasse 251; 520708 Aachen

On October 7th a conveyor belt at the open cast lignite mine Hambach has been blocked. One activist has been released from custody, another is still beeing held. On 8th the prison judge came on a visit to prove the imprisonment for infite time.The person has been injured in a way that she/he left the conveyor belt “voluntarily” preventing an eviction. Just one compa, Jus, has been released and they catch another. Amazing!
The result of the treatment: a sprait rist hematomas and read eyes. Mister Blue was abused by RWE private security personal, Police refused medical treatment.
The latest information we have got from the lawyer. The person got arrested very brutally. He got beaten up by security aswell as by police. (more)

arrests for online boycott of Toro de la Vega

Posted on October 16, 2015 by Capità Pirata

On the morning of October 16, there was a simultaneous operation in various parts of the state, with the participation of police armed with machine guns to arrest five people for online boycotting the ‘Toro de la Vega’. One of them is from Borges del Camp and is in dependencies of the National Police of Tarragona.

From the Pirate Confederation, Pirates of Catalonia and the Pirate Movement, we claim the release without charges immediately for all detainees and the immediate treatment of those responsible for these events. This action cannot be considered a crime, but a peaceful claim against a cruel and inhuman act carried out in Spain.

At the same time we demand the elimination of the events of torture and animal abuse, of the ‘gag laws’ and all repressive laws against public protests, whether on the Internet or on the street.

Update (18: 30h): It seems that finally there was only one arrest in connection with this case, although we had been informed about five detainees. The arrested is a member of PACMA.

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Once more an excavator was occupied

Düren. In the night from October 13th to 14th, three anti-coal activists occupied a bucket wheel excavator in the opencast lignite mine Hambach between Cologne and Düren. Over several hours, they were able to stop the operation of the mine before they were evicted by the police and brought to the police station in Düren.

By their action, the activists not only wanted to counteract directly the destruction the mining causes, locally by dredging away entire villages and landscapes and the global destruction caused by climate change, but they also demonstrated solidarity with an activist who is in pre-trial detention since October 8, after having been arrested in a similar action, in which the main conveyor belt in the open pit was blocked. And it had to be a foretaste of the action on next Saturday (see below). more…

Our shit against your violence!

Activist in front of the police station in Düren

Original German text:
By: Hambi Chaos Crew.
Oct. 9th, 2015

Today, the golden piece of shit goes to the police station Düren – in the truest sense of the word. To oppose something to the repressive bullshit with increasing brutality, that the activists of the Hambach Forest lately have to suffer, flew last night paint & shit bombs to the police station. In addition, a banner was hoisted on which was: “Our shit against your violence!” This should should explain why there were, outside and inside of the gates of the police station, splashes of paint and shit and a stench was spreading.

Statement on the participation of the police chief of Aachen in the forest walk

This is just the last paragraph of the text about the chief of the Aacen police, who coordinates everything that the do in the Hambach Forest.
The rest is not translated. So if you can read German, click on the “Deutsch” button.

We are confronted with armed and force-trained police officers. We do not imagine that we can arrive with a violence-oriented strategy. That this is what Weinspach describes is deliberate disinformation. He wants to justify the brutal action of his forces in advance. He seeks to isolate us through defamation because he knows that we have a strong backing in the population for our purposes. We trust that many people will see through this strategy and stand in solidarity with each other despite the attempts to split!

-A group of activists in the Hambach Forestry

Latest information on the person in detention

oday we received some new information from the lawyer of the detained person. The arrest probably went off very brutal. He was reportedly beaten badly by both Security and the police as well. A broken wrist, impact marks and a redness of the eye is the result. Allegedly photos were collected by the police of 5 events in which the detainee allegedly was involved. That’s how they justify his arrest. They accuse him of bodily harm because he allegedly bit a security employee. In addition, trespassing, “disturbance of public enterprises” (German paragraph that mainly is made for sabotage actions), resisting police officers and insulting. He still refuses to give his identity, which is why he was also classified under increased risk of absconding. Letters and cigarette money are very welcome! Once we know his-her actual address, we’ll put here immediately.
Apparently it is becoming common practice first to beat activists and then to bring a charge against them for bodily harm and take them into pre-trial detention. Thank you German “legal system”!

Another friend in custody!

Yesterday a conveyor belt in the Hambach mine was blocked. One person involved in the action was released from the detention center, the other was withheld. Today this one was presented to the magistrate, who decided to keep her-him in pre-trial detention! We know that s-he was seriously injured at the wrist. So heavy that s-he voluntarily left the conveyor belt and was not cleared! As soon as our fellow Jus was free again, they grabbed the next person. Incredible! Further information will follow…