Main conveyor belts blocked- Update and declaration

7.October at 3:35 . Once again all conveyor belts are standing still. This time 3 new information: 2 persons got together to stand their ground against the harassments of the workers and the cruelty of the cops. 10 minutes later there is no communication possible anymore. Around 5:30 we get a call that the cops will bring them to Jülich. Then the call ends with a cry of pain.
15:00: One person is free, the other person sees the judge right now.
15:50: Electricity problems in Düren. The person will be brought to Aachen and will see the judge there tomorrow.

4. October at around 02:50 both of the main conveyor belts of the open cast mine Hambach got blockaded too. These Lock-On-Actions stopped the open cast mine for several hours.

We are removable.
The forest is removable.
The villages are removable.
The ground and all the living beings which live on it are removable.

Excavator occupied!

October 5, 2015

Latest News First

Energy from brown coal (lignite) is the most polluting one. Keep the coal in the ground! Save the Hambach Forest!!

9:00 All are free again. CU next time!

Phone contact with the occupation is lost. Evacuation underway. Pick up in front of the police station Düren.

3:11 Two police cars arrived.

2:47 Securities took away one of our backpacks.

2:35 Once more an excavator was occupied in the open pit mine of Hambach! RWE securities are on site.


Update hambach forest

Jus finally came out of jail. If he would get sentenced within the next 3 years he will get be put back into jail for 7 months. He is doing well.

Now 2 digger occupations and a conveyor belt blockade later we are preparing for Skillshare! And we would like to invite all to come and participate. We will have a bunch of workshops, stuff like climbing, press work, legal team, but also some stuff that we will not reveal just yet. To participate all you need is a place to stay (tent, sleeping bag etc) maybe a cool plan (there are action maps available) and some rainproof stuff. The camp is donation based, also the KUFA, the mobile kitchen from the WAA, will come to cook for all.

The skillshare will take place 9 till 18th of october, the last weekend we will blockade the hambachbahn. This is the railway between the hambach mine and the coal plant.

the cutting season in hambach forest has officially started now. this means that yet again RWE will come and destroy a lot of old growth forest. Please come to the skillshare, get involved and maybe even plan to stay a bit longer to resist Europe’s biggest open cast mine, and the cutting of this beautiful old forest.

A lot of words have been spoken, about Climate change, CO2, Capitalism, now it is time to act.

Is it an insult to call a judge “perversor of justice”?

Trial against Jörg Bergstedt

This trial took place one friday, oct.2, 2015, before the one against Jus in the same court. Accusation: insult of a judge (“perversor of justice”). This can only be an insult if it is not true.
Therefore, in this trial will be to decide on the assertion of fact whether the judge is a “perversor of justice”. Details in German

Oct. 5th, Hands off the trees! Call for action in the Hambacher Forest. Infonight and benefit

Monday October 5th 2015, Hands off the trees! Call for action in the Hambacher Forest. Infonight and benefit, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm (address see more…

October 1, 2015 – Deforestation season started!

Last morning about 10 o’clock, barricades were built on the patrol path at the side of the railway coal mine “Hambachbahn”. Incoming RWE security units were ignored until they got out of hand and their dogs began to be a threat. After a relatively orderly retreat the abandoned A4 was barricaded. RWE started already to destroy this highway in order to prepare the area for the Hambach mine, despite the ongoing trial for the return to service of the A4. more…