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Action week is getting started, here are some basics to know:

The action week is a space for you to take action and to come to the community and meet people. We will be giving a brief introductory workshop on the area and the history of Hambach resistance at 12 tomorrow (Sunday), hopefully to be repeated again if needed. We will not be leading activities or classes in the style of a skillshare week. This week is autonomous and self-organising!

1. Names – we recommend giving yourself a different name on camp to the one on your birth certificate, almost everyone here does it. Not giving out your full name or address etc. is a good idea – don‘t feed the cops!

2. Phones – if you don‘t want the police to know where you are the best thing you can do is leave your phone at home.

3. Cars – you can bring a car but expect to be used to fetch water and food etc..! Be aware your numberplate will most probably be noted by the police.

4. Rats – we have a bit of a rat problem unfortunately so please bring rat-proof boxes to keep your things in – rats will chew threw tents and bags if people are not around to eat food, traces of food, things that smell like food, or even things like soap and condoms – so bring metal or plastic containers for your stuff – any you can donate too would be brilliant

We look forward to meeting you all!

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