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The police did not get any fingerprints from the cathedral action group. So also not their identities.

Video of the police operation (at min. 3:10 you can see the flyer that has been handed out to the people on the ground)

News, last ones first

Tue, Nov. 24th

05:25 pm All the people are free, exept for the T(h)ree!

1:30 pm – All the people from the cathedral action group are free! One person still in.

0:50 pm The first person of the two arrested people from 11:35 am has been released. But there’s no joy. The police was very brutal to her/him*, who seems to have one finger broken!!! All the cathedral action group people are free, except one. Now there’re still two persons in.

0:10 pm First person of yesterdays cathedral action group was just released!

11:35 am Solidarity manifestation is attacked by approximately 30 cops, 2 arrests.

11:25 am According to a statement of the State Protection Unit to our lawyer, the cathedral occupiers will be released soon. We’ll see…

11:00 am – The Cathedral occupiers are still in custody!

10:30 am 2 of the 4 people who were just arrested have been released.

10:00 am Police wants to bring 4 persons inside of the Police station, because allegedly one of them was writing something on a wall…

9:10 am The solidarity manifestation at the police station is still existing, though the people are banned from the sidewalk directly in front. You’ll find it when you go there!

8:40 am After an intervention of our lawyer, the people in front of the police station are not arrested but banned from the area.

8:30 am The people in front of the police station are now surrounded by police, and most likely arrested.

01:40 am Still none of the arrested cathedral occupiers was released. The solidarity manifestation has splitted into shifts and will stay in front of the police station for the night. More people needed in the morning!

Mon, Nov. 23th

9:20 pm There is now a solidarity manifestation in front of the police station Cologne-Kalk. Come there, show your solidarity, welcome the occupiers, and bring hot tea!

8:15 pm The Kölner Rundschau is writing that the Police finished the Eviction. So come to the police station Köln Kalk and bring some hot tea and other warm stuff!

7:07 pm The Activists have splitted in 4 groups and dispersed on the scaffolding. The eviction of 2 of the groups is happening right now.

6:55 pm Police is threatening the activists with violent eviction, if they don’t come down on their own.

6:54 pm Police is now approaching with a lifting ramp and want to start the eviction. Activists report that they are equiped with shields made out of acrylic glass.

6:49 pm A large area around the cathedral is blocked by the police, the occupation is still existing.

6:20 pm Activists report that police is taking the elevator which is inside the cathedral, to evict the occupation from above.

6:18 pm Climbing cops are approaching.

6:14 pm The riot cops are retreating.

6:13 pm 3 persons were arrested for a short time, estimately 100m from the occupations. They were put into a police car. They were searched, now they are all free again.

6:12 pm Riot Cops are approaching the occupation on the scaffolding, activists block the scuttles.

6:01 pm Meanwhile, the 5th floodlight is arriving at the cathedral.

5:44 pm Police is still preparing for eviction. Police Climbers are now on the scaffolding beneath the activists. Around the occupations are gathered around 20 police cars, 100 cops, 3 Cars of the Firefighters and 2 Ambulance Cars. The activists express their thanks to firefighters and police, because their banner is still visible despite the darkness. 🙂

5:30 pm There are still no news about activist Felix Neuner, who is in inprisonment on remand since one month and who occupied a tree in the inner courtyard of the cologne prison today.
The occupation on the scaffolding is still existing.

5:21 pm 1 or 2 Persons which were spreading flyers next to the cathedral are missing. Arrest? The situation unclear.

5:07 pm Firefighters are putting up floodlights beneath the activists, police is preparing for eviction.

3:45 pm Police and Fire fighters are at the scene, they offer the activists the possibility to leave the scaffolding within 15 minutes, to avoid an “physically exhausting” eviction.

3:25 pm 8 activists climb on the scaffolding on the outside of the cathedral and drop a banner, reading:
“Prisons are no solution, but part of the problem!”

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