Call for donations

The meadow uses bicycles, which were donated by supporters. Defective wheels are repaired here and are then available to the general public. As you can read here, we lost yesterday four of these for us very important bikes. If you should have old but still usable bicycles that you can imagine you could donate us, it would be cool if you could drop them off in our camp. Thanks a lot!

Other things that we can make good use of, would be: more…

5 persons arrested! No recognizable reasons

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The last ones first

Sun., 11.22.
7:50 All are free!
4:30 The confetti lies lonely and shivering on the floor of the waiting room. In the solidary cars in front of the police station, it is warm and cozy. There are still 2 people inside, who refuse to give their personal details.
2:15 The third person is free!
0:00 pm Because of a starting pyjama party, the confetti launchers were removed by the already enervated police officers from the offices of the Kerpen police station which were utilized as waiting rooms.

Sat., 11.21.
11:45 pm In the waiting room of the police station, it may be warm, but also boring…
9:28 pm The second person is outside!
9:20 pm At this time one person is being treated ID (The police is trying to determine the identity by taking fingerprints) and, according to the police, s-he will be released afterwards. As the police officers allegedly just have to investigate an important criminal case, the others will not be ID-treated until about 10 o’clock.
9:12 pm They are taken to the police station in Kerpen. One person is already free again. Apparently the small group was spotted at the station by two securities (unknown whether RWE or other). A car pursued the group and shortly after the 5 were arrested and taken to Kerpen. Supposedly they committed bicycle theft.

Today at about 6:00 pm a group of people was on their way from the station of Buir to the meadow. Two railway employees talked to them, then after 1/2 km, they were surrounded by six police cars with their blue lights flashing and arrested!

Important Information on the Action Week

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Action week is getting started, here are some basics to know:

The action week is a space for you to take action and to come to the community and meet people. We will be giving a brief introductory workshop on the area and the history of Hambach resistance at 12 tomorrow (Sunday), hopefully to be repeated again if needed. We will not be leading activities or classes in the style of a skillshare week. This week is autonomous and self-organising!

1. Names – we recommend giving yourself a different name on camp to the one on your birth certificate, almost everyone here does it. Not giving out your full name or address etc. is a good idea – don‘t feed the cops!

2. Phones – if you don‘t want the police to know where you are the best thing you can do is leave your phone at home.

3. Cars – you can bring a car but expect to be used to fetch water and food etc..! Be aware your numberplate will most probably be noted by the police.

4. Rats – we have a bit of a rat problem unfortunately so please bring rat-proof boxes to keep your things in – rats will chew threw tents and bags if people are not around to eat food, traces of food, things that smell like food, or even things like soap and condoms – so bring metal or plastic containers for your stuff – any you can donate too would be brilliant

We look forward to meeting you all!

Birthday of the Meadow!

Today exactly three years ago, about 15-20 people occupied the today (in)famous meadow on the edge of the Hambach Forest, accompanied by the press, after a press conference at the four-day evacuation of the first occupation in the forest. During the first couple of days, there were several attempts by the police to evacuate the meadow, but without success.

Arrestation of the owner

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Once they even arrested the owner, Kurt Classen and led him away in handcuffs on the grounds that he would interfere with police operations, although he just wanted to show to the cops his ownership documents on spot. For this he was detained almost 2 hours in a police patrol car until finally the press showed up and was interested in his detention. Then the cops had to listen to Kurt Classsen and as a result to inspect the meadow with flashlights (in the meantime darkness had come), only to find out that we actually were on his land and they could do nothing. more…

Diary from Birds’ Eye View

In the cutting area, a tree was occupied for the last 8 days by one activist. The person has now left the tree and has been arrested. You can read her diary here.

Day 1

after an exciting, tiring night of getting into the tree, I sleep like a baby and wake up to lots of confused security guards, constantly shouting, whistling and throwing big pieces of wood at me. They also sexually harass me. Despite this, I remain in good spirits. I feel empowered, and proud of successfully occupying a tree in the cutting area.

Day 2

feeling frustrated at the continuation of the cutting, so I pick myself up by chanting at the workers who have come to have a look at the person hanging in the tree, ‘RWE Murderers, shame on you, we are watching you from a bird’s eye view’ pens and paper have been a total life saver (including toilet paper, pooping out of a hammock is really shit – take that security! haha)

a poem to pass the time more…