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This letter was in the WAA waiting for getting published. There is no date on it, but hopefully we can see Mr.Blue tomorrow.

Hello friends family and everybody interested in the blog.

I have been in jail for the last 2 months now and doing fine, although its not the first time in jail for me its the first time being incarcerated under false pretenses and statements. It scares me a bit that the lies of others make it so easy to rob me of my freedom. I did expected this when I started my actions, and its obvious they are making a example of me. No surprise no one asked me what happened so far.
After a month my mail started to come in, and how, I can hardly keep track of it all, but it warms my heart to know so many people are supporting us. A lot of people asked me to reply. I hope to be freed so I can make some phone calls if not I will start to write some personal letters.

So far for this post.
Once again thank you all for your support, and hope to catch you on the flip side.

More on the severe conditions of his detention

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