Insolvency of RWE Power AG and RWE AG

The shock was violent… Yesterday I had to find that the centuries-old forest triangle behind Morschenich has been razed to the ground, by the paths fork which is formed from Katharinenhof and the ancient route of the A4. The criminal energy which is shown unrestrainedly with this destructive work is stirring me immeasurably…

The time between Xmas and New Year could be used shamelessly to continue this work of destruction begun in the Hambach Forest and to create completed facts under the protection of the holidays, if necessary with police violence.

To avoid this in time, insolvency applications are needed. For this purpose the Executive Boards of RWE Power AG and RWE AG are encouraged to put them.

Neither the assets of RWE Power AG nor of RWE AG are sufficient to make up for the groundwater contamination, the crime against the Hambach Forest and other environmental and other crimes. This means: excessive debt = insolvency.

RWE AG (= Total Group) is liable to the full extent for the resulting multi-billion Euro losses of RWE Power AG, as a profit and loss transfer agreement exists.

If neither RWE Power AG nor RWE AG should have put the necessary file for insolvency until 12.29.2015, shall be reserved to file for insolvency on this side before the end of the year. Otherwise there is a risk that, due to the a few days ago decided splitting of the Group, assets are withdrawn from the liability mass which is required to eliminate the damage caused by the Hambach mine.

Kurt Claßen
December 20th, 2015

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