comment January 21

We are “reassured” that police finally no longer want stand idly by when security guards beat up activists, break their noses and hit out their teeth and eventually almost kill them with a jeep (with the consequence that no security guards, but the concerned activists end up in prison). But why is the person who was almost killed, still without medical care in jail? Why fly helicopters at eye level with the tree houses or stand for hours in 10 m. height above the meadow (and why throw the passengers of the helicopter stones)? What can “massive information campaigns and intensive investigative work” mean, if not even the identity of the concerned security guards can be found?
The so-called rule of law is obviously blind in one eye. But it hits so much the harder in the other way, at every opportunity. If this spiral of violence continues that way, it will eventually lead to casualties. And everyone knows already that they would have to be deplored among the activists, not among the security forces. more…

Security guard strikes activists with his jeep

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The activist who was struck intentionally by a jeep of RWE and subsequently was beaten-up and arrested yesterday, has been led today (Friday) before the custodial judge, and is now indefinitely on remand. Now more than ever: Show your solidarity, come into the forest!
Information such as the address of the prisoner and how you can support him otherwise, will be published as soon as possible at the blog of the Anarchist Black Cross Rhineland.

January 22nd – We just received a message from the Hambach Forest. Early in the morning of today, RWE procured access to the area of the forest that is occupied by us, under the protection of its security service. They started to carry out grubbing operations in the area of a bridge near Morschenich. more…

Action week!

The action week is starting again (January 22th – 31th, 2016)!
Some information and recommendations in this regard:

Firstly: You also can come if you don’t want to participate in any actions that are potentially associated with repression!

Ther will be some structures as :

  • Küfa (Küche für alle = Kitchen for all) cooks two vegan meals, they are happy about helping hands
  • To-Do-Meetings every morning at the (self organised) brakfast (an opportunity to coordinate with others in order to complete pending tasks)
  • Heated common spaces
  • Shower facilities at supporter’s in the neighborhood
  • Self-organized first aid, there is an (improvable) first aid room and a phone, to be staffed every day by a first aid experienced person, and a list in which people can sign up as a partner, mentioning their first aid experience (every day at least one experienced person and as many less experienced as want, bring first-aid stuff!) more…

Ticker Jeep-Attack

7:00 pm The activist who was hit intentionally by a jeep of RWE and subsequently was arrested yesterday, has been led today (Friday) before the custodial judge, and is now indefinitely on remand.

Jan. 22th
9:20 pm On a street that runs parallel behind the former A4, five police cars were spotted.
9:12 pm The person has just been released from the police station Kerpen. The injured person who is in the police station in Düren, is still in there.
8:51 pm At the hospital, the doctor refused to sign a confidentiality statement. Not only that he absolutely wanted to have the personal data for a treatment, he emphasized even more, that he would pass them on to the police. Then the injured refused treatment. The victim is now brought back to the police station Düren – untreated and he continues to have severe back pain. more…

Solidarity T-Shirts for the Hambach Forest!


From now on these t-shirts are available in the online shop Silent Cries Distro. The money goes to the forest!

Silent Cries Distro is a political solidarity distribution system that always donates all revenues to initiatives, groups, projects, campaigns, etc..

Many thanks to the people of Silent Cries Distro and all those who buy the T-Shirt (even though of course that will not chance the world 😉

Call to all concerned parties

We received the following email:

A peaceful New Year and no further escalation in the Hambach Forest! – Call to all concerned parties

Dear readers,

We wish you and your loved ones a pleasant start of the new year.

Due to the growing number of voices assuming a massive deforestation of the the Hambach Forst at the beginning of this year, we hereby take the liberty of pronouncing an explicit warning.

If it should actually happen that the Hambach Forest south of the former A4 motorway should be deforested and that pumping stations to lower the groundwater table should be built, we would like to point out that these measures will lead to an escalation between the environmentalists and security personnel.

We therefore ask both the responsible politicians in North Rhine-Westphalia and local authorities, the police executives and the media representatives, to inquire at RWE Power AG as to when, how and where the measures will be taken and to ensure that the activists will not be endangered by the behaviour of private security forces.

We are very willing to communicate to you further information regarding the growing protest movement throughout the coal mining area, the mobilisation in the Hambach Forest and the machinations of authorities and energy business in North Rhine-Westphalia. more…