Ticker Jeep-Attack

7:00 pm The activist who was hit intentionally by a jeep of RWE and subsequently was arrested yesterday, has been led today (Friday) before the custodial judge, and is now indefinitely on remand.

Jan. 22th
9:20 pm On a street that runs parallel behind the former A4, five police cars were spotted.
9:12 pm The person has just been released from the police station Kerpen. The injured person who is in the police station in Düren, is still in there.
8:51 pm At the hospital, the doctor refused to sign a confidentiality statement. Not only that he absolutely wanted to have the personal data for a treatment, he emphasized even more, that he would pass them on to the police. Then the injured refused treatment. The victim is now brought back to the police station Düren – untreated and he continues to have severe back pain.
8:47 pm At the exit of the old A4 a police car has been spotted with blue light. Meanwhile, two people have been arrested. One of them, as already mentioned, for refusing to indicate their personal data. In addition the hitherto missing victim, who has just been taken to the hospital because of severe back pain.
7:30 pm There is a video footage online about the incident.
6:45 pm The police arrested one person and brought them to the police station in Kerpen. The reason is said to be the refusal of personal data at a vehicle inspection near the meadow occupation.
5:30 pm The police is giving sending-offs, checking cars and people.
5:00 pm Police and security service are standing at the access roads to the of meadow and forest occupations. A helicopter flies its rounds above the occupations and the neighbouring villages.
2:00 pm At the confrontations of this morning, four activists were injured. One of the injured activists was kidnapped by the security service. His whereabouts and his condition are still unknown.

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