Ticker: Clearing of the Pizza Platform?

January 4th, 2016
03:00 pm In the morning 3 secus with dog were spotted at the platform. They quickly made some photos and disappeared immediately. Currently everything is quiet in the forest.
On the western secu-bridge already felled trees are cleared away, in the morning the barricades were cleared on the former highway A4.
11:35 am Our scouts report, that police forces and heavy equipment were moved away again. Pizza is still standing. Maybe it was after all just a barricade eviction. It is not excluded that the announced lifting platform after all was only an excavator.
11:13 am The police is with a lifting platform in the forest near the Pizza Platform. Presumably, the platform is to be cleared.
Come over. Online we’ll keep you informed as well.

Unrest in the forest

January 3th, 2016 In the forest the presence of RWE security personnel is increasing.

6:40 pm All are outside, but the banner “Coal exit is handmade” has been “borrowed” by Team Green. The glasses of one person have not been given back.
6:06 pm The first arrested person comes out.
5:20 pm Forest scouts report about arrests on the bridge. Details as soon as known. For questions on arrested persons please call directly our Friends and Helpers: 02421 949-0. more…

Defend the Hambach Forest!

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A new year has begun, but the grubbing season is not over yet, alas! Until the end of February, RWE is allowed to deforest, thanks to loyal politicians! And their plans lead them also in “our” part of the forest! Two pumping stations and a test drill station are to be built in places where anyone who ever visited the Hambach Forest, certainly went there.

In this time every thinking mind is needed, every energetic hand and every burning heart, to defend the forest effectively in manifold ways!

If you consider visiting (again) the occupations for some time, January and February is the right time! Thanks to climate change (whether human-made or not), it is not too cold here. In addition, the fight for the forest will make us sweat, but not only us! It is of utmost importance that all who wish that the forest remains, come here in these last two months of the deforesting season!

We will meet on the barricades!