Again grubbing work in the forest!

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Today, the last day on which RWE, stipulated in applicable laws, is allowed to deforest, they get going vigorously once more.
The clearing work is in full swing and both security guards and police in riot gear are in large numbers in the forest and on the former A4. Helicopters are circling and dog squads patrol the forest trails. Timber transporters leave the cleared area in large numbers.

The statements from the police units, why they are in the forest fluctuate, vary depending from the officer in question:

  • We are simply here
  • We are here to prevent acts of violence from both sides
  • We are here to secure the clearing work
  • We are here because police units were attacked

Statements at the end of the live ticker

Come by if possible and support the forest occupations!

Live Ticker:

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10:45 pm All is “quiet” again. We go back into the offline mode now.

10:35 pm The detained person is out again.

9:00 pm Police withdrew from the forest and from the surroundings of the meadow.

8:00 pm According to statements by the cops, the person (see below) will be deported to the police station in Düren – Come to the police station!
Kreispolizeibehörde (District police authority) Düren, Aachener Str. 28, 52349 Düren, Phone: +49 2421 9490

7:45 pm Apparently the obvious siege of the meadow is terminated for the time being – but still many cops in the forest! more…

Dates March 2016


Criticism of proposals of an arbitration procedure in the Hambach Forest

Press release

Düren/Kerpen – For some months, increasingly proposals are made to start up an arbitration procedure to the protests in the Hambach Forest. In particular, the Greens of Düren endeavor for mediation in the style of Stuttgart 21. In it should participate among others activists and RWE. Among the activists predominantly critical voices can be heard on the subject

One of their points is that for RWE the central demands of the protests – to stop the lignite mining and the further deforestation of the Hambach Forest – are not open for discussion. In a statement of some activists also can be read that there was no equality, because both sides “had different possibilities in terms of resources such as time, money, public perception”. more…

Fledermaus is free!

At today’s review of custody, four weeks after he was nearly run over, Fledermaus was set free. We are very happy !

Report about it on this blog Security guard strikes activists with his jeep
The YouTube Film about it.

By the way, Fledermaus means Bat. Only since the research of BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany), the importance of the Hambach Forest is known as a habitat of the Bechstein’s bat (Myotis bechsteinii), which is strictly protected under Annex II and IV-FFH-RL. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the species is considered “seriously threatened”. Read more on the threatened species in the Hambach Forest

3 Trials in February 2016

All dates
Feb. 12th
Trial for coal blockade in 2014
10:20 am, Lower regional court Kerpen, room 112
Open Street Map, Busstop “Amtsgericht”

Feb. 16th Trial Basti
09:15 am, Lower regional court Düren
1st floor, courtroom 1.25
Is to be contunued: Tuesday, March 8, 2016, 11:45 am, same location.
(hearing of more witnesses and judgment, perhaps there will be a larger courtroom available)
Open Street Map

Feb. 19th Trial “Mr. Blue”
10:00 am, Lower regional court Düren
Open Street Map
Show your solidarity and come!

Info material available!

As of now info material is available for the Skills Sharing Camp in Rhineland.
The flyers can be obtained in English and German. We also have got plenty of posters in A3 “the Hambach Forest remains”, with the motives trees + treehouses. Soon you can get stickers as well.

If you want to order mobilization material, then please contact the WAA.
Above your mail | sms , please indicate as subject: info material.
More info on the Skill Sharing Camp 2016
General Information on Action Weeks

What we need

  • Solidary people who have experience with repairing of cars to pass our camper by the German TÜV. Please let us know on the phone of the meadow.
  • bicycle tubes (also broken)
  • bicycle repair kits / tools
  • hammers
  • saws
  • axes / hatchets
  • nails (all sizes)
  • screws
  • more…

Concert on the meadow, Tuesday 02/09/2016 with David Rovics

On Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 2016 David Rovics will come for a concert on the meadow. The exact time (probably in the evening from 6:00 p.m. on!) we will publish here, once it is known. Come in great numbers, it is worth it!
PS: From here greetings in solidarity go to Flensburg, to the Luftschloss factory which unfortunately was evicted on Feb. 3 and has been razed to the ground. It still is standing on David’s tour list for Feb. 10th.