Skill Sharing Camp 2016

Skill Sharing Camp 2016For almost exactly 4 years, the Hambach Forest in the Rhenish lignite mining area near Cologne is occupied. This is a signal to stop the voracious excavators of the lignite industry and therefore a signal for a better climate AND a system change. For direct resistance, people are needed with diverse skills and creative ideas in order to be one step ahead before the power of repression.
That is why we invite everyone for the Skill Sharing Camp from March 25 to April 3, 2016 in order to teach, learn and try out skills together during 10 days.

The workshops shall have a focus on actions, but also other interesting issues will be found that the everyday resistants encounter, for example, workshops on “cooking for many people”, or artistic things as juggling. And space to work on new (action) ideas, strategies and especially practical implementations.

A free learning always must be cooperative and freely accessible to all. We should try to reduce barriers such as different languages and jargon as far as possible, because they act excluding. The same applies to roles existing within today’s society. This process, however, can only lead to an acceptable alternative if we support each other, are open to criticism, and treat each other in a voluntary and respectful way!!

As already stated, the Skill Sharing Camp should be no excluding event. It should be open to local residents, to environmental activists, but also to people in social struggles in the area or even worldwide. Based on this claim, we will try to organise the workshops in a way that they can be understood even without prior knowledge. When different languages are spoken, we will try to provide an interpreter.

What we will not accept are actions and statements that make it difficult or impossible to others to participate or that even attack them. This includes any racism, sexism, anti-semitism, homo- and transphobia, which are always contemptuous in their core.

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