“We don’t want this guy filming here”

(An RWE employee to a policeman during a railway blockade on 04/14/2015)

Trial The journalist Elmo Elbrecht already accompanied several excavator occupations and blockades with his camera. Now the open pit operator RWE seeks for an injunction, in order to make him stop his documentary work on company premises. “If we would believe believe RWE, I would interfere with my journalistic activities the operation of the open pit and the Hambach railway. I do not agree.” says a relaxed Elmo.

Look forward to an exciting trial! Spectators are very welcome.

On Thursday, April 21 at 1:00 pm at the Regional Court 52070 Aachen, Adalbertsteinweg 92, court room D0.137 ground floor.

New date: Thursday, July 7th 10:45 am, same location

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Huba in jail!

Update March 26th: New info on Huba at the ⒶBC! With an actual address for letters. Write as much and as soon you can!

After was negotiated on 22 March the appeal case of LAUtonomia activist Sara before the District Court in Cottbus, our Compa Huba was arrested shortly after the end of the hearing.

When Huba, who was until then a spectator at Sara’s trial, wanted to leave the courtroom, police in plain clothes and judicial officers blocked his way out. They confronted him with an investigation warrant, which was justified by an alleged risk of absconding. Then they led him away in handcuffs. more…

Sara: Result Appeal Hearing on 3/22

Sara was found guilty by the District Court in Cottbus (main hearing was on 02/29/2016) of having committed theft in minor value. The sentence by the district court turned out to be unusually high: instead of the normally usual fine, she was sentenced to two months in prison. She appealed against the judgement of the district court.

In the public appeal hearing, interested spectators were exposed to strong entrance controls: personal data were noted and identity documents copied, police in civvies and criminal police were sitting in the audience. more…

Lignite? No thanx!

Lignite power plant near Jänschwalde

The German coal business of Vattenfall. The deadline in the bidding process for Vattenfall’s power plants and opencast mines is ending. The interest is low, many flagged already before.

Source:taz | The number of potential buyers of the lignite business of the Vattenfall Group is shrinking: Steag, a consortium of municipal electricity providers, dropped out of the bidding process, as well as the mainly state-owned Czech energy group CEZ. On Wednesday CEZ informed, “after a thorough analysis of all the opportunities and risks” they had decided against an offer. more…

Words and images from a tree occupation

There are no appropriate words for this simply magical and strange place. ♥ love R.

I am often asked what I’m doing all day – up there in “my” tree house in “Oaktown”.
Well, mostly I’m not up here all day, and I do my things like almost everyone else – on the ground. If – like now – it is necessary that the tree houses are occupied during the day, my life relocates into the treetop. more…

Large Scale Operation by Police, Security and RWE in the Hambach Forest

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Press release – March 15th, 2016

RWE and police operations on 03/15/16 RWE and police operations on 03/15/16

Kerpen/Buir. On Monday morning, 03/14/2016 at 7:00 am, the protest camp in the Hambach Forest near Morschenich (between Aachen and Cologne, Germany) and the nearby forest occupations were temporarily surrounded by police forces and security service.
During this operation, several hundreds, equestrian and dog units as well as heavy police equipment were on duty. Furthermore, employees and machinery of the energy group RWE were involved.

Second Day of big Vandalism! Support needed!

Yesterday morning the meadow occupation was surrounded by police. This turned into a large scale police operation: All main paths in the forest were cleared, fixed and broadened, all barricades and tripods destroyed. Until today three occupations (unoccupied at that moment) were destroyed (Crusty Town, Pizza, Molly). Police forces are still present all around, chasing people who try to build new barricades.

This is an urgent call-out for all kinds of support! What has happened the last two days is a massive attack! Because all the roads are cleared and passable for big machinery it’s important to protect the forest occupations NOW!

Come to the Hambach Forest, we need food, water, blankets and most of all more people with fresh energy!

Press release

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March 15, 2016

  • 19:30 For now the situation is calm again, seems like the cops left the forest.
  • 17:10 Police chases activists who are trying again and again to barricade the roads.
  • 17:00 Cops cut a rope in Oaktown and peppersprayed one other. This is hindering food/water supply, climbing up or down is impossible now.
  • 14:30 Destroyed until now: Crusty Town, Molly, Pizza (these platforms were not occupied at that time). The meadow is surrounded by cops again, some on horses. Tunnel near Molly is destroyed.
  • 11:00 Cop cars are patrolling in the forest.

March 14, 2016


Outcome (?) of the proceedings in March

3 trials
How did the continuation dates of Bergstedt, “Mr. Blue” and Basti run and how will it go on?

March 03 – Second trial date for allegedly insulting judge Witzel

Heard were judge Witzel (about 2 hours) and other judicial personnel. Judge in this trial was Königsfeld. In the end, the court stated that the process, which was performed by judge Witzel at that time, probably was not held in a way, as it is prescribed. But Königsfeld did not consider as proven that all this was already perversion of justice *.
He suggested a setting without conditions. This could not be decided in that moment because the representative of the prosecutor’s office in the hearing was not authorized to do so. So this will be settled in the next few days.
If the public prosecutor disagrees, then on March 22.3. at 11 am would be held a continued hearing. more…