Police operation because of WW2 bomb

Today there was another large police presence in the forest. Near the tree occupation Beech Town there was a larger unit, also around the hangar of the airfield. This was apparently due to a bomb disposal. The bomb was not dangerous, so that the person who was at the time on Beech Town was not evacuated. Actually the police are depart. There was no confrontation.

Live Ticker of today’s Sightseeing Tour by GreenTeam

Good Morning! Today’s weather is really top notch. The sky is blue, the sun is shining like crazy. Currently it is warming us at about 8° C.

The possibly unannounced sightseeing tour by GreenTeam is currently under the Beech Town tree occupation. Today 25 cops have managed to come out from their depressing office job into the beautiful Hambach Forest and are admiring the structures installed there by the resistants. The author of this text suspects that places are still available. Parking is (3 police vans) next to the airfield’s hangar.

Come numerously! Clowns and actors please bring your disguise and toys. GreenTeam certainly enjoys theater acts.

Hackneyed party on March 12th, 2016

Artwork by Cloud Complex

On 03.12.2016 from 8:00 pm will be held the Allerweltsparty (Hackneyed Party) in the Autonomes Zentrum of Cologne. Besides the party there will be a photo exhibition with pictures from the Hambach Forest. Come numerous! Part of the revenue / donations go to the squatters of the Hambach Forest.

https://de-de.facebook.com/events/769539899843748/ more…

Shots on the meadow occupation

This evening about 7:30 pm, several shots were made to the meadow occupation with an alarm pistol from a private looking station wagon which drove by the edge of the meadow. An eye witness tells: “A dark station wagon rolled past the meadow. It turned and was gone for some moments. Probably the car was parked at the neighboring meadow. A short time later two powerful flashlights lit up. A few minutes after that something was shouted from the car. Then someone shot several times out of the car. The car went away then and some more shots banged. It was probably a alarm pistol, the muzzle flash was directed towards the meadow.”

Addendum to the senseless destruction by RWE on Monday

The Tree Protection pictures are hung, 02/03/2016

That’s how it looked shortly after the art event.

Felled on Monday 29.2., the very last day of the grubbing season.

A small consolation and a great encouragement: The felled trees are not dead, only their over-ground parts were cut off. Many tree species, including the in this wood prevailing hornbeams and oaks, are able to sprout from their underground part again. Of course, that part may then not be dredged away too!