Trial on dumpster diving in Düren

Documentary on this item: TASTE the WASTE or Fresh in the Trash – international Trailer (English subtitles)

Two years ago, three activists from the environment of the meadow occupation at the Hambach Forest have been arrested, for the alleged “theft” of food from the bins of a supermarket in the quarter Birkesdorf of Düren. Now the trial against two of them is going to be negotiated. The third person was underage at the time of the “offence” and will therefore be judged on their own.
The accusation made by the prosecution is “aggravated theft”, because the value of the foods in the fourteen crates was several hundred euros – or would have been, if they would have been sold in the shop instead of being thrown away.

Can there be any theft of goods, that the owner has disposed of, thus given up their claim on them? Can we as a species, living on a planet with more and more scarce resources, afford this way of dealing with food – and then to even prosecute those working on alternatives? Do “we” in the industrialized North even have the right to do so, if the majority of our throwaway-consume is enabled by landgrabbing, low-wage-slavery, animal exploitation and environmental destruction?

 These questions will be in the background of the first day of the trial

on April 06 at 10:30
in room 2.29
of the Amtsgericht Düren,
August-Klotz-Straße 14
(Due to a routine of entrance-checks, arriving early is recommended.)
Open Street Map (will be opened in a new tab)

Due to the legal logic, the questions raised above are likely not to have the space they deserve – all the more, an active audience is desirable.

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