Meadow/Forest Party 04/14

Hi everybody!

The anniversary of the meadow occupation in Hambach Forest comes soon and we want to celebrate it with a party on the site. It will be on the 14th of April from 18.00h on. We would be happy to meet and have a good time with all our supporters, neighbours and refugees who want to party with us.

There will be an open DJ with awesome music but feel free to bring your own music with a USB stick. Delicious vegan food will be provided too (there’s no good party with an empty stomach). You are very welcome to bring some food to share with everyone as well!

There’s plenty of space to sleep on the field and forest but you’ll have to bring your own tents. As always, any donations would be very helpful for the food and other necessities. You can check our wish list ( and, who knows, maybe you can bring something along.You can check on Contact&Directions how to get to us.

Hope to see you all!

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