Greetings to Lusatia from the WAA

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Greetings from the WAA to the actions in the Lusatian lignite mining area

DIY or dieIn parallel with the Climate Camp, which is being held for already a week in Lusatia, currently the Action Days are taking place. In the Lusatian lignite mining area, which is operated by Vattenfall, the production and conversion of lignite is paralysed by actions for meanwhile three days.

Blockades, occupations, demonstrations and repression

On Friday the 13th of May, more than a thousand activists procured access to the open pit Wenzlow (Open Street Map, will be opened in a new tab) and knocked out the mining operations. Since then, several points were blocked in the area. By means of lock-on actions and sit-ins on the coal railways and the access roads, abseiling actions from bridges as well as demonstrations, the operation is almost completely at a standstill.

On Saturday, the coal power plant “Schwarze Pumpe” was occupied. It was cleared by the police with the use of violence. Since Saturday afternoon at the latest, the power plant “Schwarze Pumpe” is completely cut off from the coal feed, due to various occupations of railroad tracks. It already had to significantly reduce its power.

During the actions, there were increasingly assaults by employees, neo-Nazis and citizens against activists with firecrackers, bottles, by puncturing of tires and physical attacks. In a group consisting of about 500 people, have been spotted among others flags of the mining union IG BCE, in which many coal workers are organised. At the Twitter account of the union they said, “neo-Nazis could have stolen the flags to discredit the IG BCE” (

There are often arrests of activists. An activist YU, who had locked on in a concrete block, was imprisoned and probably will be brought before a magistrate at the end of the month. Show your solidarity, writing letters to this person. See the very bottom.

Since April, there is a tree occupation in the Lusatian mining area, named Lautonomia. They will organize a Forest Week from May 18th to 25th. See the links at the end of the page.

The actions in Lusatia are accompanied by solidarity actions worldwide.

The Workshop for Actions and Alternatives (short WAA)

is a self-governing and non-profit space, which was created in 2011 after the second climate camp in the Rhineland. It is a project workshop and project platform. On site you will find, among others, an Infoshop, a give-away shop, garden and workshops. Regular events are hold, such as lectures and camps. The WAA is a space for the exchange and sharing of knowledge and skills. The focus is on the critical analysis of hierarchies in order to oppose and replace them by self-organisation.

Participate! Follow the blogs (links see below)! Support the occupations in the Rhenish and Lusatian mining areas! Oppose against hostile technologies and circumstances!


From 05/23 to 06/12/2016, the house and environment project “WAA, Werkstatt für Aktionen und Alternativen” in Düren mobilizes for construction weeks.

Come to the climate camp in the Rhenish lignite mining area, operated by RWE, August 19-29 2016.


Lusatian lignite mining area

Rhenish lignite mining area

Contact YU in jail
Read more about the circumstances of YU’s imprisonment etc.

Justizvollzugsanstalt Luckau-Duben c/o YU
Lehmkietenweg 1
D-15926 Luckau, OT Duben
Tel: +49 35456 6730 (operator)
Fax: +49 35456 673216

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