[Hambi] Art & Culture Festival 2016

DIY or dieOn the meadow occupation against the extraction of lignite will take place from June 13th to 19th the second “Art & Culture Festival”. You are very welcome.

If you like to do creative things such as painting, music, construction of cabins and barricades, community gardening, yoga, circus or other artistic exchange, then this is what you are looking for. In that week you also will have the opportunity to offer your workshop(s), to participate and to spend a good time together. The weekend of June 17 & 18 will be time for show, music, performances & party.

There are some sleeping places available, but it is not certain whether they are sufficient. So it would be good if you bring up a tent. We appreciate paints, vegan food and especially good ideas.

On Sunday June 19th will take place a walk in the wood.
The camp claims to be emancipatory and critical of any kind of domination.
If you want to announce a contribution, then please contact the cell phone number

+49157 8100 8614 or hambacherforstATriseupDOTnet

Back side flyer Art & Culture Festival 2016

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