Non public visit of a judge on the occupied meadow

At noon today, there was a non-public visit of the meadow by the judge who is competent for the trial (before the Oberverwaltungsgericht = Higher Administrative Court in Münster). He had a close look at the meadow occupation, accompanied only by a secretary and a photographer for documentation purposes (Thanks for this confidence, the numerous police vans, however, which stood around the corner, would not have been necessary). The administrative order of Düren County, which is the cause of the trial, is already several years old. The domolition is to be enforced of all buildings AT THAT TIME present on the meadow. Since then there have been numerous constructional modifications on the meadow. The owner of the meadow writes about this:

The judge inclined to the conclusion that on the meadow only four (old) objects still are existing of the original 19 buildings and structures that are to be eliminated after the order of disposal of the Kreis (district) of Düren. So all other caravans, vehicles, wooden huts and other buildings and structures, can remain, even if the district should prevail in the procedure.

Our request to the District of Düren, to come to any kind of understanding or to reach an amicable agreement, was rejected. They wanted a fundamental clarification of the pending legal issues.

According to the rapporteur, the date of the hearing before the Oberverwaltungsgericht of the State of North Rhine-Westfalia (NRW) in Münster will be scheduled about September 15th, 2016.

So the date has not yet been fixed. However, thus the meadow continues to be eviction safe at least until the autumn (as regards the pending court case about the meadow).

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