Hello World! Alf the Bus is here!

…and also has got a blog now! http://alfpartout.blogsport.eu/english/

We say congrats and our best wishes! We find the bus project super cool and super likable, we are pleased that now it is is launched online too. We want to strongly promote their blog. So click on it all of you 🙂 And even offline, it is important to support the Alf!

Who is Alf Partout?
Alf Partout is a bus, in which activist people are living, driving through the world.

What does Alf Partout do? more…

Action training in the AZ Cologne on Sunday, 5/8/2016

Action training in preparation of Ende Gelände
Start: Mai 8, @ 11:00 – 12:00
Duration: 4 hrs. (with breaks).
Please be on time and take time for the entire duration of the training. Coming later or leaving earlier does not make sense.

The moderated training is intended to exchange experience, to increase individual and collective ability to act by means of exercises to reduce fears and to learn new things. Basic contents of the training are: more…

Hundreds shut down UK’S largest opencast coal mine

Final statement: Mass blockade of coal mine ends without arrests
First press release https://reclaimthepower.org.uk/uncategorized/press-release-hundreds-shut-down-uks-largest-opencast-coal-mine/
Live tweets: https://twitter.com/reclaimthepower/with_replies
Pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/breakfree2016/sets/72157667558968145/with/26721819261/
taz: http://www.taz.de/!5297508/