Internal training event on sustainable activism on 03 – 13 July

In the beginning of July there’s going to be an internal training on the meadow. Internal is supposed to say, that the GruBiT is not directed at the general public, but at Hambi activists, “Hambi veterans” and regular (or former) supporters. It’s going to be similar to a skillsharing camp with a central topic, which is “sustainable activism” in a broader sense – that is, strategies that help to become stay active and effective for longer times. We’re calling the event “GruBiT”; that’s an abbreviation of the german name “Gruppen-Bildungs-Treffen”, which can be translated as “group-buildung-meeting” or “group-education-meeting”.

You are or know “internal people”?
Then please ask for the invitation-email and the concept. Just send a mail with “GruBiT” in the subject to:
If you have contact data of people, who haven’t been around for a while, it would be especially great to get them informed – probably they are the ones that will be the most difficult for us to get informed.

Please QUICKLY notify us, whether you’re going to come!
Up to now the feedback on the idea in direct talks was very positive, but anyway we’ve hardly received any answers from people letting us know, whether they’re going to come (which we’re asking for in the concept). We neither need nor want any personal data; anonymously noting “We’re coming from … to … with a group of … persons” in a privnote ( is perfectly sufficient.
Doing this is very important for our planning, because:
* By now we have no idea of how many participants are going to come. But we need that urgently, especially for the program planning, because:
-> We don’t want to let down the speakers by organizing three-four workshops at the same time on spec, that might eventually be close to empty. That means, we can not invite more speakers now. But there would be lots of issues, that we would if possible like to organize (more) input on.
-> It would reeeally be a pity if a lot more participants than expected turn up, and in the end the workshops are overcrowded and interesting topics are missing.
* Everyone sending a mail can get the program and other important info in advance.
* Please do not register for others without them knowing! Otherwise we might get multiple notifications, which would again be difficult.

You do not see yourself as “internal”, but wish to support the Grubit?
Great! We need help bot for the camp itself as for the preparations. Also, simply send an e-mail.
This is a list of things & actions, that would be very helpful:
-> Being on site while the GruBiT and supporting the infrastructure by: being available as awareness-group/ -person, translation, driving a car/ making one available, cooking, dumpster diving
-> also in advance, cars & dirvers are important
-> raising funds or donations in kind
-> offering workshops or getting us in contact with people who might be able to
-> spreading the word and forwarding the invitation e-mail

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