Info Event about “Operation Fenix” on the meadow


For over 16 months the anarchists and others from so called Czech Republic have been facing the biggest police crackdown in recent years. The operation Fenix isn’t only the wave of repression. For the first time we are facing police entrapment, provocation, fabricated plots, and historically first “serious” accusation of terrorism. Why is all of that happening right now? Is the repression really the responsibility of the most militant part of the movement and does it help if we step back, or is there any other lance and way to deal with the authoritarian power of the state?

Come and join an ⒶBC reflection of one and a half year of accelerating repression and our reaction. Let’s talk about our protection and share some experiences of how to prevent falling into the trap. Now when the first court hearings are happening is especially important to see what kinds of solidarity actions we can provide to empower ourselves and keep our community strong instead of getting paranoid and paralysed.

The Talk will be mainly in English with a whisper translation into German.

4th of November, 7pm, Hambach Forest

Action Red Line – Media Review

In nice autumn weather, more than 1000 people (according to police) participated on Sunday, October 23, 2016 in the Action Red Line A4.

10-23-2016 Action Red Line on the ancient A4


Press releases (selection):

One of the organizers created a petition with the same demands as were set out in the action below. She asks to sign it numerously!
She is a member of Buirer für Buir

News from the Hambach Forest

Part 1. Support for a tree occupation. But how?

Hambach Forest, tree occupation Oaktown & Gallien (Gaul).

Support for a tree occupation. But how?

You want to support the tree occupation Oaktown, Gallien or another but do not know how? No problem. We (supporters and tree-occupants) have put together a few questions which are always asked and we answered them. This is shown how you can bring in very different ways. We also show how you can contribute in very different ways.


In the coming days will be published: “Part 2. Grubbing, what’s that?”.

Sunday, October 23, 12.00: Forest Instead of Coal – Action Red Line A4

DIY or die

“The Hambach forest – or what is left of it and perhaps can be saved?
(Further dates November 13, December 11, January 15…)

The 31st monthly guided tour in the Hambach Forest, during the current grubbing season, surely will be the largest one ever in this forest: 3842 large and small people have been there, today many, many will come.

So far all appeals have been useless. This year RWE wants to destroy irrevocably 80 hectares of this unique forest again. We are not willing to accept that. We want to send a signal. The rest of the Hambach Forest can be preserved without stopping the lignite mining. Up to the route of the former A4 motorway can be dug, in the large area between the motorway and the mine are still immense coal seams. Our appeal to RWE: more…

Blockade of the Hambach railway on 10/07/2016

Today, on 10/07/2016, some activists have blocked the Hambach railway. The declaration of action has been published externally:

Ticker – most recent on top


03:20 All activists are free. They partly report massive abuse, including food deprivation, the threat of breaking their fingers, and violent pulling of earrings. Some injuries are visible. In addition, sexually explicit language was used against feminine read activists. Shoes and clothing were partly destroyed.
All have come out without giving their personal details. The ticker is now closed.

02:00 The last two activists have arrived at the cops’ station. Unlike the previous transports, police do not want to be seen how these people are brought from the van into the police station. It is therefore to be assumed that massive violence is applied.

00:50 Three activists are in the cops’ station, two still in the fire station.


22:30 All activists are detached from the rails, but partly still chained together. They are first taken to the fire station Aachen Nord, afterwards probably to the main police department.

21:20 Short call by the detached person, all activists are fine so far.

20:45 One person was detached, 4 are still blocking.

17:10 No more contact to the blocking people, presumably their phones were taken away.

16:30 The Hambach train is standing still, both in front and behind it activists block the rails.


Anti-Coal Mining Struggle on 3 Continents

“This Sunday and Monday (October 2nd and 3rd) a series of presentations, discussions and workshops took place in Cologne organized by an anti-capitalist alliance bringing activists from struggles in Bangladesh, Columbia and South Africa from regions affected by coal extractions, coal power plants and loading facilities. These communities have utilized multiplicity of tactics and by their persistence, resolve and presence stood in a way, slowed down and even stopped numerous projects. In effect, being living blockades of many of these large projects. Many grassroots of these initiatives, projects and direct action campaigns became a form of front line defense. Here are some of their stories: more…

Campaign against the deforestation 2016/ 2017

| deutsch | français | español |

The Skill Sharing Camp in the occupations of the Hambach Forest is going on. This camp is the beginning of the campaign against the deforestation 2016/ 2017 which is starting in the days to come.

Some important things to know before: