Blockade of the Hambach railway on 10/07/2016

Today, on 10/07/2016, some activists have blocked the Hambach railway. The declaration of action has been published externally:

Ticker – most recent on top


03:20 All activists are free. They partly report massive abuse, including food deprivation, the threat of breaking their fingers, and violent pulling of earrings. Some injuries are visible. In addition, sexually explicit language was used against feminine read activists. Shoes and clothing were partly destroyed.
All have come out without giving their personal details. The ticker is now closed.

02:00 The last two activists have arrived at the cops’ station. Unlike the previous transports, police do not want to be seen how these people are brought from the van into the police station. It is therefore to be assumed that massive violence is applied.

00:50 Three activists are in the cops’ station, two still in the fire station.


22:30 All activists are detached from the rails, but partly still chained together. They are first taken to the fire station Aachen Nord, afterwards probably to the main police department.

21:20 Short call by the detached person, all activists are fine so far.

20:45 One person was detached, 4 are still blocking.

17:10 No more contact to the blocking people, presumably their phones were taken away.

16:30 The Hambach train is standing still, both in front and behind it activists block the rails.


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