Sunday, October 23, 12.00: Forest Instead of Coal – Action Red Line A4

DIY or die

“The Hambach forest – or what is left of it and perhaps can be saved?
(Further dates November 13, December 11, January 15…)

The 31st monthly guided tour in the Hambach Forest, during the current grubbing season, surely will be the largest one ever in this forest: 3842 large and small people have been there, today many, many will come.

So far all appeals have been useless. This year RWE wants to destroy irrevocably 80 hectares of this unique forest again. We are not willing to accept that. We want to send a signal. The rest of the Hambach Forest can be preserved without stopping the lignite mining. Up to the route of the former A4 motorway can be dug, in the large area between the motorway and the mine are still immense coal seams. Our appeal to RWE:

Red Line A4, up to here and nothing more!

Stop the clearing season 2016/2017 – save the rest of the Hambach Forest.

Take your own advertising slogan “Rheinland wird Reinland” (Rhineland becomes Cleanland) seriously and make it really credible, preserve this still unique forest, for all of us and for our children!

On the 23rd of October we will make the red line visible, many people will generate an impressive picture on the former motorway. Please bring anything that is red. Red clothes, red ribbons, red scarves, blankets, caps, scarves, balloons, bandannas, headbands, pictures … Between 3:00 and 4:00 pm, the red line will move along the ancient A4, between the current clearing margin and the former Kerpen-Buir exit, unmistakable, impressive, photogenic… many press representatives have announced to be present, we will take this opportunity to express our concern loud and clear:

Save the Hambach Forest!!!

12:00 Where we always meet: Parking BBQ site Manheimer Bürge,
Attention: The situation has changed! The highway has been moved to the south in favour of the lignite extraction. This is why your car navigator might have a problem finding the way and you should consider this OpenStreetMap

Please forward it to as many people as possible, use a distribution list, press contacts, social media… Registration and further information at +49-171-8508321 or via e-mail

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