Short film “Hambach Forest – Man vs. Nature”

A supporter has made a short film about the forest. Very worth seeing. His comment on this: “With this video, I want to show the contrast between intact nature and the destruction of this by human beings. When I saw this for the first time with my own eyes, I was shocked and wanted to inform other people about what is happening right in front of their homes because of the profit maximization of a company.”

Solidarity with SXE MAD

The occupants of the Hambach Forest in solidarity with Nahuel

On the 4th of November 2015, just over a year ago, the Spanish state began their wave of repression, the so-called “Operation ICE”, against a group of straight edge (drug-free) anarchists, SXE MAD.
4 of them got free under high payments, and 2 were transferred to preventive prison, where one got free under payment 2 weeks later.
The 6th comrade, Nahuel, is still in preventive prison.
The penitentiary system moves him to different prisons, to prevent comrades on the outside to get in contact with him.
No matter how hard they try, they will never stop our solidarity!

Freedom for Nahuel!
Freedom for all prisoners!
Tear apart the walls that keep us from each others!

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Bus from Cologne to the guided forest tour of Michael Zobel

Bus from Cologne on November 13th to the guided tour in the Hambach Forest, or what still remains of it.
Nature guide Michael Zobel shows the beauty of the forest and supports the preservation of the rest of the forest, which is further destroyed by the now starting deforesting season.
Actual info: web site of Attac Cologne.

The guided tour will start at 12 o’clock and take about 3 hours. The bus will stay on the spot and will bring us warmly and comfortably back to Cologne.
Arrival Hans-Böckler-Platz about 4 pm or a little later.

Depart und booking:
Time: 11°° (Please be there 15 minutes before!)
Cost contribution: 10,- €, reduced 5,- €
Signing up and place reservation:

This bus tour is organized and supported by Attac Cologne, die LINKE (section Cologne), action group Tschö RheinEnergie.

Report from the Hambach Forest

Morschenich: In the Hambach Forest, which is occupied by environmental activists, actually trees are harvested under the protection of the police. Every year, the coal and nuclear group RWE carries out deforesting work in order to realize the expansion of the open-cast lignite mine of Hambach.
The Hambach Forest has been known since April 2012 because of the occupation of trees by nature conservationists. Again and again, there are actions that interfere with the smooth operation of the three large opencast lignite mining projects in Rhenania. An initiative from a wide range of groups and individuals has been committed to the preservation of the Hambach Forest for years and to an immediate exit from coal power.

“The further destruction of the Hambach forest, in favour of the expansion of the opencast mining, is like the last convulsions of a dying RWE group that has ignored structural change for almost 20 years”, tree occupant Tim Wiese says.

Small updates to yesterday (Nov. 2nd): more…

Photographic Exhibition in Düren

Rest, but not in peaceFrom 11/05/2016 to 1/20/2017, Hubert Perschke presents his exhibition “Rest, but not in peace” in Düren.
It’s worth a visit! The opening will take place at 2:30 pm in the Wahlkreisbüro (electoral district office) of Gudrun Zentis in Düren, Friedrich-Ebert-Platz. Louisa H. Wang will accompany the opening with her music.
Hubert, born in 1947, is a photographer, a graduate social worker and a social scientist. The aim of the photographer is to depict the conflict of environmental activists with RWE Power and to give the visitors the opportunity to position themselves.

The season has started – clearing protected by police

Today the first large-scale clearing operation by RWE in the Hambach Forest of this season took place. Up to now, the destruction work is limited to the area north of the former highway of the relocated A4: After the clearing of the previous year, a narrow strip of forest was left behind between the old A4 and the Hambachbahn, a coal railway-line that was also relocated. Today, trees in this strip were cut down for five hours close to the so-called Secu-Bridge at the former highway exit. So apparently, in this clearing season RWE plans to first cut down this strip of forest from east to west. more…