It has been over a year since on August 14,2016 the concrete walls of planned underground radiation storage facility CIGEO (runned by state-funded nuclear company Andra) have been breached and destroyed. Since then a hotbed of ecological antinuclear resistance has blossomed with the defended the Lejuc Forest filling with treehouses and many lines of barricade defenses with live in structures, with La maison de Resistance(The House of Resistance) functioning in the comune of Bure as a resource center housing hundreds of activists and functioning as a defacto cultural center of the movement.

The support and solidarity between the antinuclear and anticoal movement is a strong element of our struggle.

Especially, on the 18th February when a big mobilization against the CIGEO project will be held. It will include demonstration and actions in the direction of the Lejuc Wood, concerts in the evening, and call to an artistic insurrection calling Artists from all horizons, musicians of all kinds, come and make the liberated forest vibrate. Graffiti artists, acrobats, builders, theater people, puppeteers, fire breathers, dancers, pirate artists, painters or sculptors, and more, you are all invited to Bure to let your imagination run wild. Form is free, you can come few days before, with already prepared projects or to organize during the demonstration, performances in the trees, on the ground, in the air…


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