Skillshare Timetable April ’17

Every day:

8-10h Yoga. Meet at the gnarled Beach tree, forest entrance.
8:30-9:30h Oaktown.
10h Breakfast
10-16h Climbing workshops: Knots, Basic techniques, Material, Estimating and understanding dangers, Rescuing, Traverses. Every day from Tuesday.
13-14h Lunch
16:30h Krav Maga. Self defence. Meet at forest entrance.
19h Dinner
20h To-Do-Plenary

If you need tranlation for any workshop and would like to use a microphone and headphones (spiders) you can collect a spider from Tuesday midday onwards from Flax or the treehouse Chillum.

Monday 10.4.

10-18h Painting with oil paints and developing creatively. Meet at the meadow.
11-12h Vitamin B12. In Gallien
12-14h Concepts contrary to authoritarian schooling.
15-17h Exchange on children in the context of left projects.
16-18h Legal questions answer round. Meet in the Roundhouse.
18-20h Presentation: Power destroys the environment. Meet in the Roundhouse
20:30h Sneaking in the dark. Meet at Jesus Point

Tuesday 11.4.

10-12h Critisism of Criticism of Consumption. Meet in the Roundhouse.
13-15h “Freeing your head”.Criticism of simplified explanations of the World. Treffpunkt Rundhaus.
14-18h Circus for beginners. Meet in Gallien.
14-16h Disguise & Camouflage. Meet at Jesus Point.
16-20h First Aid Workshop. Meet at Action Caravan.

Wednesday 12.4.

11-13h LGBTQI+/FLTI+ Building workshop: Introduction to material and tools [Screw driver, saws, wood, measuring, etc and building rat-proof boxes for kitchen] Meet in Gallien
13-15h Bondage for everyone who wants to give it a try. Meet at forest entrance.
16-19h Sexual consens – an introduction. Meet at Roundhouse.
18-21h Who persecuted the witch-midwifes and why? Meet at Roundhouse.
18-22h Discussion round on climbing culture and passing on skills in the occupation. Training Trees
21h Massage(-round?). Gallien.

Thursday 13.4.

11-14h LGBTQI+/FLTI+ Building workshop: Possibilities and Impossibilities – Knots and Platform building Meet in Gallien
12-14h Herbs against stress. Meet at forest entrance.
15h Lock-ons. Meet at practicing trees (forest entrance).
16h Discussion round on the theory and reality of spaces identifying / identified as queerfeminist Meet at Tümpel (behind Oaktown)
14-18h Group pressure in the left scene. Meet at Roundhouse.
20h Encryption: Why? What? How? For people with and without prior knowledge. Meet in Gallien or Roundhouse (if rainy)

Friday 14.4.

11-13h LGBTQI+/FLTI+ Building workshop: continued from 13.4.
12-14h Supporting physical health with herbs and diet. Meet at Roundhouse.
14-16h Introdution to Suger in tanks campaign: Autonomous groups during the Summer action days August 24th-29th
16-18h Mobilisation for G20 Info event
18-21h What are primordial matriachial societies? What lead to the spread of patriarchy with war and violence? Meet at Roundhouse.

Saturday 15.4.

12-14h Secure Messenger services. Introductory workshop. Meet at Tech caravan.
16-18h Planting young trees. Forest entrance

Sunday 16.4.

10-11h Mobilising Infoevent AFD party conference
11-14h Demonstration and blockade workshop
16-18h Info event to resistance in Bure (France) against the planned terminal storage for nuclear waste. Meet at Roundhouse.

Monday 17.4.

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