You know what it’s gonna mean when you say twenty treehouses

This weekend a storm is blowing through the forest, swaying the treehouses and stripping the trees of their leaves. Somewhere else another wind frees the state of North-Rhine-Westphalia of its last pretence of some just rule of law. Three weeks before the trial the administrative court already published it’s decision and show us that we can expect nothing but a show trial: The court decides to protect 56 hectares from being cut by RWE – cynically as these are the areas that RWE doesnt plan to use in the first case. A true success for this chewy almalgam called RWE/NRW/Police/Justice.

We are expecting that RWE will start their bulldozers, tree crackers and harvesters immidiately after the 21st of November, the date of the court case. According to leaked information they are planning to destroy the oldest parts of the forest and all tree house villages. In a document published by the local parlament RWE is quoted as “20 of the 22 known tree houses are in the destruction area”.

We will not let this pass. We are taking responsibility now, to ensure with our actions and our words that injustice will not became law. The wind is still blowing and carries with it the seeds of resistance. It is up to us to ensure that they will be able to bloom.

No matter where you are, prepare yourselves to come to the forest in the middle of November. Sign up for the text message notifications of any pending eviction. Inform your friends, sisters and brothers.

In solidarity with all prisoners, exploited and freedom-loving people.

Likely cutting area

Be notified of an eviction!

Live Ticker Deforesting Season 2017

For all of those, who want to be directly informed when cuttings or evictions are starting, here is an SMS alert list. To get informed type in your mobile number into the form down below. Then encrypt and send the message!

Once you get informed, prepare yourself for the eviction and get your backpack packed (more…). It does not matter if you’re visiting us for one day or even longer, during the cutting season we need everyone to prevent the destruction.

See you in Forest!

Bonner Strasse Cutting of 300 trees Blockaded

Trees were occupied and a harvester blockaded in Cologne slowing the felling of over 300 trees for “Light” Rail MegaProject.  The cutting of the trees and reduction of pedestrian space and additional traffic lines like usual in urban and non-urban habitats coincides with mass wave of redevelopment and ecosystem/community decimation.  The response has been local grass roots resistance from 300Baeume that kept the struggle going for 2 years now culminating with support of Hambacher Forest activists who occupied the trees for the past two days as local supporters locked on to trees and climbed onto the equipment beginning on Thursday. Next day Friday Oct. 20 more private security of the City Privatize Frenzy Corporation KVB appeared and put up fencing around the trees and supporters, the limited police on the scene begun to pull local supporters surrounding a harvester away when forest activists climbed on top resulting in a four hour wait for more forces of corporate repression including the technical police to arrive.  Altogether the street filled with police vans and units attacked and pushed people below away from the equimpent and proceeded to remove the now 6 activists who have been in the meantime joined on the roof of the harvesters by two older female supporters living in the neighboorhood.  The support and feedback from those on the ground was incredible with discussion about direct action methods still not being a distraction from the coffee, cookies and batteries that were being passed back and forth as the police lines thickened.

THANK YOU BONNER STRASSE GRASSROOTS!! from many others engaging in direct action protecting habitats from destruction and for a reminder that dinamic does not go unoposed and that many in the forests who are on the fronline are not alone in their sentiments and action.

Four people were taken to the Giza in Kalk, refused to give their identity and remained anonymous despite being surrounded by 8+ cops and physically forced to give fingerprints.  Reminder of importance of use of safety pins, badges and super glue to resist the dynamic of surveilance state and its repression.  All four were released in about 3 hours but not before 2 people were physically assaulted while being stripped searched and fully and partially naked. In one instance for a for verbal comments that was made to the female prison guards who added insults to the physical attack by making sexist comments afterwards and in second case for a piece of clothing flying off in an inapropriate direction.  Everybody is physically fine yet additional support and advice could be helpful(especially  when hundreds of riot cops will descend on the forest for the cutting season) from other collectives dealing with the emotional and psychological aftermath of repression and state violence.

YES VIOLENCE=Mass Media Coverage:




Tree Cutting will resume on Monday as reported in the press and so more people are asked to come out and support the action.


The trial over the lack of enviromental assesent and the encrochement on colonies of endangered Bachstein’s Bat by RWE during this cutting season has been postponed till the end of next month.   Bundis NRW the legal challenger in this suit has asked for a posponment to collect more evidence against RWE.   By doing so the start of the cutting season will be delayed further until after the end of Conference of Polluters 23 in Bonn.  The outcome of this trial will unfortunately only afect cutting in 2017 so even if verdict is against RWE it will only stop them for cutting in December.  However there is aready a trial also put forward to look at the cutting and deforestation plan put forth by RWE for 2018.  So most likely there will be another trial in December.  Save a date for both.

Message of Solidarity to Mapuche from rebuild tripod

Evicted and Destroyed in the last months police action, Tripod, is back again.  Located at the strategic road crossing it has once again become a meeting and rally point for forest defenders from different occupations throughout the  forest.  The tripod is back with additional barricades, skypods and monopods defending the forest from encroaching cutting.

As many in the forest on those defenses await the next action of police repression, a call of  Solidarity with the Mapuche goes from one frontline of ecological destruction to another, to the struggle protecting the planet and Mapuche autonomy from logging and extrationist exploitation.   Mapuche people, who have never stopped fighting the colonialist domination, have come under inceased repression involving Pinochet era anti terrorist law directed at the  opposition and the political underground.  Four prisoners of the Chilean state have just endured over 116 day hunger strike which has won the following concessions: revoking the condition of pre-trail detention and dropping anti-terorist charges.  Lots of respect and Solidarity!! Included as well is an invitation to share your stories of resistace and if possible visit Hambacher Forest and the COP Conference of Polluters in Bon Nov 4th.

For the Earth!

Communication and Transparency

On Monday a photographer made an announced appearance in th forest.  The first clue that something was amiss was that he showed up escorted by the police to the edge of the forest.  Once inside and having made contact with people in the forest, the usual media questions perteining to the struggle were instead replaced by his statements such “You act excatly like you claim the police does.” This person claimed to be a freelancer with no official media affiliation who took lots of interest in trying to photograph forest defences which he was asked not to photograph.  All of this resulted in this person being asked to leave and not come back without setting up an appointment. Soon after this took place the police contacted an outside person connected to the occupation and informed them that they were dissapointed that access to the forest was closed to the people from the outside and revealed that the photographer was in the process of taking photos for a police journal for an article titled “Transparency and Communication”.  His bahaviour in the forest was neither, transparent nor very communicative.  But as Orwell stateted if something is repeated often enough it becomes the “truth”.   That is perhaps why we were then indirectlly asked by the contact cop to publish this same article that he has written himself on our blog.  The answer was not no but simply no answer.

Reminder to newer people to the struggle not to talk to the cops.  Anything you say can and will be used against you and your friends while they routinely disinform especially those they are trying to get any intelligence out of as this case clearly shows.



Upcoming RWE Trial,Metting Tomorrow, Tues, 7PM Gallien

Upcoming RWE trial that will take place on October 17 in Cologne regarding endangered species in this seasons cutting line and the companys lack of enviromental studies.  Do not hold your breath for additional postponment of the cutting given the history and trackrecord of the local courts being coopted by the RWE Climate Killer Machine to be mostly used as a repressive mechanism.

Do however join us either at the trial or tomorrow to discuss the matter in the Forest in Gallien Occupation at 19 oclock.

More info at

Court Suit against RWE postpons beginning of cutting season to October 25th


Hambi in Solidarity with Occupied Fish Farms Actions

First Nations groups from the Namgis and Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw have occupied two Norwegian-owned Marine Harvest fish farms in the Broughton Archipelago for more than three weeks. The occupation escalated quickly from tents to makeshift, weather-resistant houses on the farms. The occupying groups say they will stay until the facilities are shut down.

Hereditary chiefs, supported by family and friends, have been especially vocal about the fish farms they say are illegally placed on their territories without their consent. Members of the Namgis First Nation have opposed the Marine Harvest Swanson Island farm since it was first built 31 years ago.

Community members say that many of the fish farms were built along the traditional migratory route of the wild salmon on the east coast of Vancouver Island where the ocean water is rich in nutrients. But they also say that the rightful chiefs never signed off on the farms and that the fish farm industry has operated without the consent of those most affected by their presence.

Salmon protectors, or fish farm protesters, criticize the farm’s practices, saying that farming Atlantic salmon in West Coast waters breeds disease, affecting other wild fish and animal populations.

Solidarity with Bure Struggle under repression

Last week our Comrades in Bure France who are resisting against a planned radiation storage facility by Andra were raided by aproximately 80 gandarmes who broke through the doors of House of Resistance. The pigs who also closed off the surrounding roads and broke windows of the cars and vans parked in the vicinity have seized the usuall loot of weapons of mass communications in the forms of computers and phones. They were able to compromise the encrypted drives and are now thretening charges to the people who can be linked to the electronic content. This is yet another example of how the state engages in ever increasing sureilance and repression dinamic that is so crucial to functioning of the viscious loop of exctractionism and disaster capitalism. Facing such massive resources used not for addressing social and ecological issues but for imposing the state of planetary ecological disintergration it is that which is being targeted and destroyed that becomes our biggest and most powerfull weapon. That is the communities we form and which are aready part off, solidarity, mutual support and song and rhytm.

Comrades at Bure, You are not alone in your fight, remember that Hambi zone of occupation is also your home where you can share your songs and music of the resistance and even at the distance you are still connected with and inspire many struggles worldwide such as the anticoal struggle in Hambacher Forest.