Communication and Transparency

On Monday a photographer made an announced appearance in th forest.  The first clue that something was amiss was that he showed up escorted by the police to the edge of the forest.  Once inside and having made contact with people in the forest, the usual media questions perteining to the struggle were instead replaced by his statements such “You act excatly like you claim the police does.” This person claimed to be a freelancer with no official media affiliation who took lots of interest in trying to photograph forest defences which he was asked not to photograph.  All of this resulted in this person being asked to leave and not come back without setting up an appointment. Soon after this took place the police contacted an outside person connected to the occupation and informed them that they were dissapointed that access to the forest was closed to the people from the outside and revealed that the photographer was in the process of taking photos for a police journal for an article titled “Transparency and Communication”.  His bahaviour in the forest was neither, transparent nor very communicative.  But as Orwell stateted if something is repeated often enough it becomes the “truth”.   That is perhaps why we were then indirectlly asked by the contact cop to publish this same article that he has written himself on our blog.  The answer was not no but simply no answer.

Reminder to newer people to the struggle not to talk to the cops.  Anything you say can and will be used against you and your friends while they routinely disinform especially those they are trying to get any intelligence out of as this case clearly shows.



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