Message of Solidarity to Mapuche from rebuild tripod

Evicted and Destroyed in the last months police action, Tripod, is back again.  Located at the strategic road crossing it has once again become a meeting and rally point for forest defenders from different occupations throughout the  forest.  The tripod is back with additional barricades, skypods and monopods defending the forest from encroaching cutting.

As many in the forest on those defenses await the next action of police repression, a call of  Solidarity with the Mapuche goes from one frontline of ecological destruction to another, to the struggle protecting the planet and Mapuche autonomy from logging and extrationist exploitation.   Mapuche people, who have never stopped fighting the colonialist domination, have come under inceased repression involving Pinochet era anti terrorist law directed at the  opposition and the political underground.  Four prisoners of the Chilean state have just endured over 116 day hunger strike which has won the following concessions: revoking the condition of pre-trail detention and dropping anti-terorist charges.  Lots of respect and Solidarity!! Included as well is an invitation to share your stories of resistace and if possible visit Hambacher Forest and the COP Conference of Polluters in Bon Nov 4th.

For the Earth!

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