Bonner Strasse Cutting of 300 trees Blockaded

Trees were occupied and a harvester blockaded in Cologne slowing the felling of over 300 trees for “Light” Rail MegaProject.  The cutting of the trees and reduction of pedestrian space and additional traffic lines like usual in urban and non-urban habitats coincides with mass wave of redevelopment and ecosystem/community decimation.  The response has been local grass roots resistance from 300Baeume that kept the struggle going for 2 years now culminating with support of Hambacher Forest activists who occupied the trees for the past two days as local supporters locked on to trees and climbed onto the equipment beginning on Thursday. Next day Friday Oct. 20 more private security of the City Privatize Frenzy Corporation KVB appeared and put up fencing around the trees and supporters, the limited police on the scene begun to pull local supporters surrounding a harvester away when forest activists climbed on top resulting in a four hour wait for more forces of corporate repression including the technical police to arrive.  Altogether the street filled with police vans and units attacked and pushed people below away from the equimpent and proceeded to remove the now 6 activists who have been in the meantime joined on the roof of the harvesters by two older female supporters living in the neighboorhood.  The support and feedback from those on the ground was incredible with discussion about direct action methods still not being a distraction from the coffee, cookies and batteries that were being passed back and forth as the police lines thickened.

THANK YOU BONNER STRASSE GRASSROOTS!! from many others engaging in direct action protecting habitats from destruction and for a reminder that dinamic does not go unoposed and that many in the forests who are on the fronline are not alone in their sentiments and action.

Four people were taken to the Giza in Kalk, refused to give their identity and remained anonymous despite being surrounded by 8+ cops and physically forced to give fingerprints.  Reminder of importance of use of safety pins, badges and super glue to resist the dynamic of surveilance state and its repression.  All four were released in about 3 hours but not before 2 people were physically assaulted while being stripped searched and fully and partially naked. In one instance for a for verbal comments that was made to the female prison guards who added insults to the physical attack by making sexist comments afterwards and in second case for a piece of clothing flying off in an inapropriate direction.  Everybody is physically fine yet additional support and advice could be helpful(especially  when hundreds of riot cops will descend on the forest for the cutting season) from other collectives dealing with the emotional and psychological aftermath of repression and state violence.

YES VIOLENCE=Mass Media Coverage:




Tree Cutting will resume on Monday as reported in the press and so more people are asked to come out and support the action.

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