Be notified of an eviction!

Live Ticker Deforesting Season 2017

For all of those, who want to be directly informed when cuttings or evictions are starting, here is an SMS alert list. To get informed type in your mobile number into the form down below. Then encrypt and send the message!

    Once you get informed, prepare yourself for the eviction and get your backpack packed (more…). It does not matter if you’re visiting us for one day or even longer, during the cutting season we need everyone to prevent the destruction.

    See you in Forest!

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    1. I was informed of your struggle by Democracy Now! I am truly inspired by the words of Indigo and Tam and Herr Schwartze, all interviewed by Amy Goodman for Democracy Now! I am solidly in favor of your movement. I am fortunate to be a citizen of San Francisco, California, one of the most climate savvy places in the U.S.A. You’ve won my heart and spirit, but my 70 year old body cannot climb ropes or ladders into tree houses.Nevertheless I want to find other ways to be in solidarity with Hambach Forest Resistance. I am readily open to guidance and suggestions. For instance, where do I send donations of materials that you need?
      Thank you for being there for the preservation of old growth forests throughout the world and for your struggle against corporate greed and exploitation.

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