NRW Parliament: Pro-Hambi Demo Outside, Inside Bullsh*t

Today before noon North Rhine Westphalian Parliament conducted a debate concerning Hambi.  During which 30 plus activists stood outside chanting, dancing to stay warm to a mobile soundsystem and fliered those passing and bicycling by.  The atmosphere  was festive and jovial while inside for  over an hour AFD, SDP and FDP attempted to delegitimize and criminalize not just those in the Forest but also the  supporters standing outside.  AFD used the word criminal almost in every sentence. This is reflective of left parties leaving the parliament and the discussion shifting to the right with all centrist parties playing catchup.  This is the atmosphere in which hate literature such as the flier below

was circulated on the floor of the parliament…

In the process all main rulling parties become not just complicit in millions of global deaths(as conservatively estimated by the freaking World Health Organization) due to particulates and climate change but also responsible for  fueling the pro-RWE and Coal Propaganda, criminalization of activism and for future waves of deforestation, CO2 dumping and repression to ensue in Hambacher Forest, Mine and the region in general.

Until  the system that is based on profiteering and state violence is changed no positive decission can come from capitalist institutions whichcon will only continue to protect RWE’s profits and maintain the veneer of the spectacle of “democratic”(most of germans are for coal exit –  rulling coalition pro-RWE) process.

So take advantage of this break to pack your back-pack and supplies and organize an affinity group in your area to resist RWE, evictions and Global Exploitation!

Hambi Bleibt & F*ck RWE!

Deforesting work in Hambach Forest temporarily stopped!

Press release of the Higher Administrative Court

The Higher Administrative Court has provisionally obliged the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with an interlocutory decision to ensure that RWE Power AG refrains from further clearing and deforestation measures in Hambacher Forst from 6 pm on November 28th, 2017.
Der sogenannte Hängebeschluss ist eine vorübergehende Regelung und gilt bis zu einer Entscheidung des Oberverwaltungsgerichts im anhängigen Eilbeschwerdeverfahren. Der BUND NRW e.V. hatte beim Verwaltungsgericht Köln mit einem Eilantrag zu verhindern versucht, dass RWE vor rechtskräftigem Abschluss des Klageverfahrens vom Hauptbetriebsplan 2015-2017 des Braunkohletagebaus Hambach Gebrauch machen kann. Gegen den insoweit ablehnenden Beschluss des Verwaltungsgerichts vom 25. Oktober 2017 hatte der BUND Beschwerde eingelegt und im Rahmen dieses Beschwerdeverfahrens am 24. November 2017 eine Zwischenentscheidung bis zum Beschluss über die Beschwerde beantragt. Diese hat das Oberverwaltungsgericht nun erlassen. Zur Begründung hat der 11. Senat ausgeführt: Die Zwischenentscheidung sei zur Gewährleistung effektiven Rechtsschutzes angesichts der Komplexität des Sachverhalt und der sich stellenden Rechtsfragen sowie zur Vermeidung irreversibler Zustände erforderlich.

In der Hauptsache hat das Verwaltungsgericht Köln am 24. November 2017 die Klage abgewiesen. Ein Rechtsmittel gegen dieses Urteil liegt dem Oberverwaltungsgericht noch nicht vor.

Solidarity Action Map


@SupportHambinow and @HambiBleibt

We are writing you to ask you to support the Hambach Forest against the
imminent threat of eviction of the protest camp & rasing of the last
trees. The German coal-company RWE (europe’s largest emitter of CO2) is
cutting down this precious and protected forest to mine more coal,
already blowing billions of tons of climate-destroying CO2 to the
atmosphere every year, further speeding up global warming. In the
Hambacher forest, a protest camp has existied in the last 5 years,
bulding more than 20 treehouses. It has become a unique symbol of
resistance agains cliamte destruction, corporate power and political
ignorance, drawing attantion to Germany’s dirty secret (coal mining). To
make way for the mine, RWE Security forces, backed by the state police,
will soon try to evict the whole camp to make way for the destrictive
coal mine. They might start as early as tomorrow, the 27th November with
tree-cutting & evicting. If we are strong, if we stand united, we can
stop them.

Let’s stand with the Hambacher Forst! Support Hambi Now! Continue
reading below to see what you can do to support Hambacher Forest.

Information on Hambacher Forst and the protest camp

We are a group of Hambach forest supporters trying to bring more
attention to the situation and to mobilize popular support for Hambi. We
started a map-tool were people can show their support & get organized &
share their support-events with others:

We want to ask you to support the protest camp in various ways, if you
want posting on this map:

share informations, pictures & videos of the protest camp, the eviction
(could start tomorrow, November 27th).

put a solidarity message on the map! —>

organize an Information event, maybe showing one of the many (fantastic)
Films on Hambacher Forest —>

Take a solidarity picture or other symbolic action (e.g. sybolic tree
occupation) —→ share online or send us the foto/video

organize with your friends, form a travel group and travel to the
Hambacher Forst (near Cologne). —> use map tool & find infos on

Contact & Directions

If you are a friend of social media, use hastags such as #hambibleibt
#SupportHambi #HambacherForst #endcoal #keepitintheground
#hereandnofurther #RWE und #endegelände for your solidarity-messages
and/or to express your feeleing (disbelieve? rage?) about the hambi
situation. Follow @hambibleibt @supporthambinow.

Thank you so much for your Solidarity!
Let’s stand toether! Wherever you are, stand with Hambi!
#supporthambinow #HambiBleibt #HereAndNoFurther

Radical Walk in the Forest Sunday 2PM

First one of regular Radical Forest Walks will take place this Sunday at
2 o’clock in Oaktown. Come support those in the forest, assist in
ongoing projects, engage in discussion and reflection on 5 years of the
forest struggle and help document the occupation, its treehouses,barrios
and barricades and spread the word of the struggle through
autonomedia/social media channels, Sundays are repression free so kids
and dogies are ok to bring with you..
Please check the oline wish list if you would like to contribute.
See You in the Forest!

NON-Deforesting Season 2017, Live Ticker

Today RWE was facing a deadline on accepting the BUND’s offer to stop cutting the Millenarian Hambacher Forest.
Day before this deadline, yesterday they agreed not to cut the forest during the 2017-2018 cutting season. It has been received with relief and sense of celebration to realize that this winter the forest will not be full of cops while trees fall and die all around. This is combined with full knowledge that it does not mean a stop to large scale repressive actions directed at the climate-justice movement in Germany, Rhineland and Hambacher Forest. It also does not mean moving away from climate destroying coal and lignite in NRW or in other countries with more coal power plants coming online around the world. Continuation of this destructive process seems to also be on RWE’s agenda since by not letting the case go to arbitration next week and having an expert decide on the matter of whether the forest deserves a status of protected natural habitat they left the option open to resume cutting the next year and to legitimize tree-house evictions even more. Protected under Natura2000 status could have also ironically have been used to call for and realize forest eviction. Either way the risk of evictions has not decreased especially since RWE aligned newspapers and journalists are publishing a frenzy of fear mongering articles and commentaries about to the forest and the cops continue to attempt to decrease the surprising strength and unity of the movement by putting forth “no win” ultimatums. So keep your support structures and attention active and visit us in the forest for Sunday radical breakfast and walk at 11:00 the supporter celebration party on “Secu” Road or just drop by anytime especially around holidays to enjoy food, music and the forest with the Eco Theorists, Theorizing and putting into practice a reality of another World being possible for the last 5 years. Big thank You to all that have been on the front line or supported them during that time.

How you can support us:

We ask the press people to call us, before you come and visit us.
Most up-to-date on top

12/14 According to this article by the regional channel WDR the logging can be continued at the earliest from October 2018. For the time being, RWE has not received a clear-cutting permit from the state of NRW. Reason to celebrate!

>12/14 Deforestation stopped until 12/31/2017: Press release OVG (Higher Administrative Court) in German
Statement B.U.N.D. in German

12/13 NRW share in the week until December 14, 2017. On the 13th at 13:13 the course starts to fall. Are the stockbrokers superstitious or did they know that the stock can no longer be held after the settlement has been accepted (by B.U.N.D., see below, then by RWE, see above)?

BUND accepts the settlement (see December 1) on the condition that the expert to be appointed is truly independent. According to the proposal for a settlement, the defendant (North Rhine-Westphalia) should have an expert report clarify whether the forest, with regard to the Bechstein’s bat, fulfills the criteria for an FFH area. (area under special European protection)
The parties have until 15.12.2017 to agree (or not) to the settlement.
See also the legal info on the complaint of BUND more…

Start of deforesting and evictions

According to police, RWE will start on monday clearing work in the Hambach forest. We hope and know that as many people as possible will be in the Hambach forest from Monday morning 3:00 clock to defend it.

Correction: it started already Saturday, Nov. 25th. See

We assume that this year they intend do a complete eviction (all tree houses + meadow occupation).
Because it is impossible to enforce this year’s clearing without evicting tree houses, we are prepared for it. We’ll prevent the deforesting! Here are some suggestions:
The last clearing season has shown that 2-3 weeks are enough to destroy about 70 hectares of forest. If you have the opportunity to come over for the next few weeks, then do so! You are needed here more than ever. Here on the spot we need people who occupy the clearing area as extensively as possible. Temporary tree occupations with mobile platforms are prepared and we will provide you with all the material and equipment you need. But also people who can help providing the tree houses, help with press and public relations work and provide emotional support are incredibly important. Since it may be that especially weekdays police in the forest is present, you can call before to ask if it is possible to come into the forest without being checked by police. Every Sunday at 9:00 clock begins an action and climbing introduction. Meeting point is the round house in the meadow.
If it is not possible for you to come for a week or more, you’ve got still the opportunity to be here for one action. For example, you could use an affinity group to prepare a blockade on the access roads (see action map) by which the clearance vehicles come.
Right now it is important to stay up to date and to make known what is happening here as widely as possible.

Manwahe Going Up at 8am on Monday to Wed(at least)

Today support groups applying for a manwache(vigil) permit for Mon-Tues on the secu road have been denied the permit with the reason cited by the police being: the “road to the security-point” will start tomorrow being locked by RWE, because of use by heavy trucks and should remain free because it is an emergency route.

Severely restriction in our right to assembly could indicate that RWE and the police intend to become active tomorrow and monday.  Those statements could also be disinformation intended to burn out the support structures in a struggle that will last for at least next 4 months.

Vigil with info and welcome will be going up between Buir and the Hambacher Wald at the intersection of the country roads L257 and L276. It is is a good access point and in-between poing from the rail station in Buir.  The Manwache will be functioning from 8 in the morning for at least Mon to Wed.

See You There!

Solidarity Rap for This Black Friday

Rhymes for action on the frontlines of globla resistance.  Sung for Hambacher Forest Peeps as the mainstream WDR media told us to get out of the way as we filmed this and then removed us from most of their shots.  No compromise in getting our message out, alowing it to be diluted, reframed or apropriated.  Our solidarity goes to comrades in Zad the Notre Dam who never welcomed media with open arms for this reason.  This is also a reminder to chanell the intensity of this message into an independent media and prepare our cameras and smart phones as weapons in the battle for the future of this planet as a livable location for multitude of species, organism and communities.  We can only rely on the mainstream profit-based media to ignore not just our presence but also the repression and violence that we are about to face.

“Don’t Hate the Media – Be the AutonoMedia!” Calling on videographers, photographers and artists to come to the forest and document a reality on a brink of extinction and to come when the attack and state violence beggin and document it.

All used digital cameras, phone, smartphones, and keyboarded and keyboardless data entry devices for press work and documentation work would be more than apreciated by all the barrios through out the forest.

Spontaneus Demonstration Following Cologne Courts Pro-RWE Decission

The ongoing court case to stop RWE from cutting one of the last remntants of ancient Hambach Forest took place today in Cologne.  The decission was postponed from Monday to Friday to possibly reduce number of supporters showing up in court, resulting in the same number of about 40+ attending  the trial.  The expected biased pro-coal verdict was read out rather quickly empting a court of sad, some crying and many expecting that precise outcome and getting ready for another winter of repression and resistance. The BUND fur Natur which originated the case against the RWE was hit with the costs of the trial while in the hallway the company bigwigs basked in the lights of TV crews as their power plants pumped more mercury, CO2 and particulates into the atmosphere, poisoning, emptying and destroying communities and habitats.  In response to this not just injustice but a mockery of justice and pure capitalist spectacle a demonstration with many banners, signs and a mobile treehouse info-point has formed and walked to the Cologne Cathedral and Train Station, with chants calling for Climate Justice, Saving and Remaining of Hambacher Forest and Stopping of Coal.  When arriving at the traditional location for manifestation and actions on the steps in between the “Dome” and the trainstation, speaches of solidarity with the forest were made by supporters and call for resistance voiced by Hambi Folks.

After 5 years of occupation this is a difficult and at the same time mobilizing call for the Hambacher Forest Struggle.  Difficult as we are about to face another winter of deforestation, and the biggest lignate clima-killer hole in Europe getting yet larger at the expense of this priceless forest and now also being a home to over twenty treehouses and 5 Barrio occupations.  This is also a mobilizing moment as never before have there been so much attention at the climate struggle in the Rhineland coal mining region with many years of persistent resistance, with Climate Camp, Ende Galaende and decentralized actions against this planetary monstrosity of injustice and polution that RWE working in tandem with local state instutions symbolizes.  Mobilizing even more so now because of recent state imposed false and destructive solutions offered at COP23.  As the realization daunts that we are the last line of defense against a future of climate, food and ecological collapse, self-organized support groups have been forming in Bonn, Cologne and Achen. Preparing demonstrations, actions, info-points and support and resupply visits to The Forest.

Also even though the number of people in the Forest have swelled recently a constant call goes out for people to organize in affinity groups in your locations and  support by journeying to the Forest or through remote solidarity actions.  If your are in one of the surrounding towns and would like to be part of the solidarity group just send an email containing in the subject line town name and what type suport function would be possible for you to

In Solidarity with all Anti-Post-Colonialist, Anti-Extractionist and Anti-Authoritarian Struggles World-Wide.

Hambi Bleibt!!