Call for Support and Solidarity for the Cutting Season and in case of Eviction

This cutting season as one of the large segments of the Hambach is about to be destroyed more people than ever are needed in the forest this winter. It does not matter for how long you can stop by as all force multipliers are welcome: bring warm sleeping bag, tent if possible and warm clothing and rain gear.

In case of the eviction please organize solidarity demos and actions in front of RWE locations and in front of German consulates and embassies. Prepare tools, supplies and materials that could be used to reocupy and if you are closer consider sharing your space for emergency overnight space for those that are evicted and coming out of jail, where soli demos and manwache would be necessary as well.  Large police presence might last for at least days so consider documenting and reportin state violence and doing legal support.

Most of all please remember that being able to save or not to save the Forest is a bullsh*t argument as the purposes of all resistance comprise of:(but is not limited to) Costing those destroying  the Planet  as much as possible; Creating a PR nightmare for them, creating a space where those who share some of the same goals and principles can come together and connecting to and supporting other movement in a larger global web of resistance, in the process aplifying the necessity of resistance.

The struggle in the Hambach Forest during the last 5 years has more than achieved those goals, continues to do so and will do so for a long time  after waves of repression wash over the Forest and many other global justice struggles.

Solidarity is our Weapon, taking care of each other so we can be dangerous together…..

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